Speaking out: Women have been seen and heard at RSA 2019



53% increase in the number of female speakers, based on a comparison of public available listings for 2018 and 2019

Key advocate for boosting women in cyber security welcomes improved female representation

This year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco featured 232 female speakers compared to 153 in 2018. Male and female keynote speakers for 2019 were also on almost equal footing, with 25 women speaking about various topics across the infosecurity industry, compared to eight the previous year – an increase of 213%.

Additional analysis also shows an increase of approximately 160% in female speakers from vendor companies, from 49 in 2018 to 128 in 2019. There was a similar 140% increase in the number of female-led talks from academic backgrounds.

“It is great to see the gender balance shifting in terms of speakers at RSA this year,” said Carolyn Crandall, Chief Deception Officer and CMO of Attivo Networks. “The number of women in the industry is steadily improving and we’ve more than doubled from the previously reported 11% in 2013. We still have a way to go but this is a great first step. We are making steady progress in turning barriers into obstacles that we are able to overcome. Change comes with time and this sends a powerful message to young women that the tides are shifting and that this is an industry where they are welcomed to join. I look forward to seeing more organisations follow suit in their support of diversity.”