The benefits of creating an eco-friendly office space for your employees

The recent environmental issues that our world is facing have brought eco-friendly and sustainability into the mainstream in the corporate landscape. With more and more entrepreneurs embracing green business practices, sustainability was also introduced into office design trends. An eco-friendly office space with a naturalistic setting encourages employees to feel calmer and more mindful.

Several studies have concluded that employees that worked in an office that had a natural and sustainable approach were happier, felt more satisfied with their jobs, and finished their job tasks faster because they were able to concentrate better. It comes as no surprise that healthy and happy employees are more dedicated to their work tasks and have increased productivity, and that is exactly how a greener office environment can benefit your business. Here are the top benefits of creating an eco-friendly workspace for your employees and how to do it:

A green office is a healthy environment

If you want to reduce the sick days taken by your employees, you must create a healthy office environment. We all know that there is a strong connection between nature and better overall health. An eco-friendly office space that embraces a green approach will certainly become a healthier environment for your employees. From having improved air quality, fewer emissions, and a natural approach, the office environment will promote overall wellness. Plants can reduce humidity, offer fresh air, absorb outside noise, and reduce stress levels. Moreover, time spent surrounded by nature is also associated with reduced blood pressure, reduced heart rate, and muscle tension. For a healthier and sustainable office, you can rely on natural light, use non-toxic cleaning products, and decorate the space with room plants.

An energy-efficient office space that relies primarily on natural light will result in more open windows. This will allow exposure to natural sunlight that has also been associated by specialists with an increased vitamin D intake that boosts a positive mood.

The connection with nature

Adding plants into the office space can make employees feel more connected with nature. Since connection with nature was always associated with a sense of calmness and mindfulness, it will create an inspiring environment that will boost your employee’s concentration and productivity. Time spent in nature reduces stress and anxiety boosting an improved morale and a sense of happiness. With an improved morale, your employees feel less anxious about their work tasks and concentrate better on what they have to do at their job. Feeling more connected to nature also increases mindfulness and creativity, allowing your employees to explore their minds for more innovative ideas and solution for your business.

A mindful workplace makes employees happier

Every employee dream about working in an office where they feel inspired and happy. An eco-friendly office can create a sense of mindfulness which will result in an increased workplace satisfaction for your employees. This will benefit your business with employee attraction and retention. Many studies among millennial employees have suggested that they are willing to have a lower payroll as long as they work in a sustainable office that doesn’t affect either their health or the environment. Moreover, on the other hand, many have claimed that they would go as far as to refuse to work for companies that contribute to the destruction of our planet with their business practices. Thus, not only that an eco-friendly office will make your employees feel more connected with your company culture, which boosts employee retention, but will also attract other skilled employees that want to be part of a green company.

Green offices have reduced costs

Having a sustainable office doesn’t only impact your employees’ overall wellbeing but also the budget of your company. Many entrepreneurs fear that changing their traditional business practices with eco-friendlier ones will result in high costs from the budgets of their companies. In fact, in the long run, embracing greener business practices and creating an eco-friendly office space for your employees can result in reduce costs for a multitude of reasons. First of all, having healthier and happier employees means fewer sick days taken by your staff and better retention meaning that your business won’t have to pay extra for hiring and training new employees.

Secondly, recycling or repurposing your business waste will also cut down the costs of your business. If you take a look at recycling in Belgium for example, the country that has the best recycling programs in Europe, businesses are encouraged to work with recycling companies for the better management of their waste. Recycling or repurposing your business waste will cut down the costs for new supplies or the taxes you must pay for taking the trash to the landfills. To reduce the waste your business produces, you can also embrace digitalization and use cloud storage services for your business data, contracts, and customer data. Your office space will require fewer printers and faxes, you will cut down the expenses for paper supplies, and your employees will be able to handle huge amounts of data more efficiently.

Relying on natural light or using renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines will also cut down the electricity bills costs of your business.

Good reputation among customers

Sustainability is now mainstream into today’s business landscape. Both consumers and employees find green companies more attractive and some are even willing to make some sacrifices in terms of finances to remain loyal to them. While employees are willing to accept a smaller payroll to work for a sustainable company, consumers are willing to pay more money for products that come from businesses with green practices. Thus, creating an eco-friendly office for your employees can also impact your reputation among consumers. You will be seen as an environmentally responsible business that also values its employees and provides a healthy work environment.

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