The Edge and 5G – Opportunities and Bottlenecks (and Overpromising)

Datacloud Global Congress, Monaco – 4-6 June 2019, Monaco, France. Panduit’s Sander Kaempfer, Strategic Account Manager, discusses the high-level trends and challenges customers are witnessing in data centres and cloud infrastructure with the move toward 5G implementation. Be involved in the discussion “The Data Center, Cloud, The Edge and 5G – Opportunities and Bottlenecks (and Overpromising).

Sander Kaempfer is also presenting a keynote speech, “Improve the Top Line and Bottom Line for MTDC Providers and Tenants’, at the conference.

Panduit, stand #55 discussing the importance of industry standard and beyond technology infrastructure in enterprise, data centres and industrial environments. The growth of data traffic and its importance to mission critical processes highlights the requirement for high quality, high performance infrastructure.