The Growth of Python, as seen through the Timeline of Stack Overflow



In this era of technology, Python has been the fastest-growing programming language used for development purposes. All the people who belong to the programming community, dealing with complex debugging and errors in programs are the casual part of their routine. But sometimes it’s become very frustrating for the developers if they are not able to fix those errors. So asking from someone is the easiest solution for this kind of problems. But it is not always possible. So the next big solution comes in the form of online help, that is available 24X7 is Stack Overflow.

Stack Overflow is an online platform for the programmer’s community to ask the question and find their answers. Stack Overflow is the most visited websites in the world from the programming community. This data has been released by Amazon’s Alexa ranking at the tenth anniversary of this website. Stack Overflow is more popular than the New York Times, Yelp, and Hulu. If we talk about the data involved with this website then, over 16 million questions have been posted to the site and those questions have received 25 million answers. The total views of answers on this website are around 12 billion.

How Stack Overflow is related in the growth of Python?

Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language which is designed to be simple to read and write. The designers placed less of an emphasis on conventional syntax which makes it easier to work with; even who does not belong from the programming community. Python is a universal language that offers a lot of options to programmers in general. This language is generally used for system operations, web development, server, and administrative tools and much more.

The link has been established by a new analysis by Stack Overflow, the Q&A hub that is the biggest platform for the world largest online developer community. As we have already discussed that Python is a versatile language, so most of the questions that were asked on the Stack Overflow were related with Python-tagged questions.

There was an exponential rise in the proportion viewing questions related to data science than those related to web development. The total share of Python developers who are visiting data science technologies is growing very rapidly. This shows that Python’s popularity in data science and machine learning is probably the big driver of its rapid growth. In the Stack overflow trends, it shows that python has been growing rapidly in the last few years. With a 27% year-growth rate, Python stands alone as a tag that is both large and growing rapidly.

Like other companies like Twitter and Reddit, the importance of Stack Overflow outdoes its size as a company. In 2015, the last time it received investment, Stack Exchange, was valued at about $460 million.

The role of the python development company as a resource for stumped programmers makes Stack Overflow one of the best ways to track programming trends. To post a question on Stack Overflow, a user must categorize the question on the website. These categories help other programmers find the relevant questions they might be able to help with.

Other factors behind the popularity of Python’s includes easy to learn and its flexible nature. This language can be used for web development, writing scripts to automate simple tasks. This language is now the central tool for data science and a very important part of computer science. More and more companies are showing interest in artificial intelligence technologies, so this sudden growth is also creating new opportunities for the Python developers and eventually increasing their demand.

From the last 5 years, questions related to tools that make complex math easier in Python, data visualization and machine learning have been increased substantially. The success of Stack Overflow is the best example of how data science is impacting the whole world in recent years.