The Importance of Website Design for Your Ecommerce Business

Running an online store is, in some ways, just like owning a regular store business. Think about it, you yourself wouldn’t prefer shopping in an indecent looking store because chances are that it will look sketchy. Therefore, the design of your store can make or break a sale and is responsible for either catching the attention of your customers or turning them away.

So what makes a web design attractive? Well, for the most part, it needs to look like a lot of time was invested into making it and the best way to achieve this look is, well, investing a lot of time into making it.

Go mobile

You may think that you are well aware of how popular mobile browsing is, but you’d probably still be surprised to find out that not only is the number of mobile searches growing exponentially, but there are already more searches on mobile than on desktop units.

Firstly, making sure that your eCommerce site can be viewed on a mobile phone goes without saying. In fact, that is nowhere near enough – you should definitely consider making a mobile version of your website. If you aren’t convinced, look at these figures from Smart Insights just to see how huge the mobile eCommerce is right now.

Go responsive

Making a mobile version of your eCommerce website is important, but that’s not all there is to it! Make it responsive. That basically means that your website should be programmed to resize and adjust to fit any screen automatically. Why is this important? Well, it’s important because you want your users to be able to browse your pages on any wireless device, no matter the screen size – you want it to fit on everything from iPhone, Android and Lumia devices, to tablets, touchscreen laptops, netbooks, regular laptops and desktop computers.

Make it clear what you’re selling

Just as is the case with a regular store, you need to display what you’re selling; after all, showing is always better than telling, especially in sales.

You should aim at choosing a fitting color and style. For example, small font sizes are rarely a good choice and if the font color isn’t distinguishable enough from the background, your visitors will have a hard time focusing and will get easily turned away. Keep things simple, short and to the point.

Don’t go wild with colors

The number one thing that turns people away, design-wise, is too many colors. You should focus on the main colors, which include the background, the website taskbar and each font type. There is rarely place for anything more. A wide variety of colors, even matching ones, is not only exhausting to look at, but also adds a note of ridicule, which is the last thing you want for any type of a website, let alone if it’s related to eCommerce.

High-quality photos

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many eCommerce websites fail in this department. Imagine walking into a store and not being able to hold a product, say, shoes, in your hands. You’d walk away immediately! One of the rare downsides of online shopping is not being able to actually see or try the product in person, so you should supply your shoppers with an opportunity to see a high-quality photo of the item from every single angle. Take a look at what true high definition photos look like here, so that you know what you should be aiming at.

Make the shopping cart visible

There is nothing more frustrating for your visitors than not being able to find the shopping cart button. Even if they’re only thinking about ordering, or planning further down the line, they’ll want to see if you make deliveries to their country, for example. Place the shopping cart in a visible place at the topmost right corner of each and every page of your eCommerce website.

Website design plays a key role in eCommerce, but you shouldn’t miss out on mCommerce (mobile eCommerce) either. Focus on every single platform your customers may be using, go easy with the colors, use HD photos and make sure that the shopping cart is always visible!

Author Bio.:- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.