The Top 5 Apps for Optimizing Enterprise Support Operations



[Image Source: Unsplash]

Optimized enterprise support operations can lead any business to their ultimate goal more conveniently. It is the most important factor if an enterprise expects to ensure maximum utilization of its resources. Though it can really difficult for many organizations, it’s not impossible to optimize the enterprise support operation using these 5 simple apps:

1. Employee Database:

Human resource is at the heart of any organization and an employee database is a must for their day to day operation. It keeps the record of all employees within the organization including their demographic data, educational background, professional experiences, expertise, skills. From on boarding to exit, any remarkable event or activity related to an employee can be recorded here. Decision makers can easily make an informed decision and avoid loopholes of staffing from this app.

2. Internal Help Desk:

An enterprise runs on so many inter-departmental dependencies and very often we see that things get stuck due to the lack of a proper interdepartmental communication process or task routing. Internal Help Desk keeps the record of every particular task with their details, task type, priority, issue handler, impact, an approximate solution for future reference, and so on. It’s not unusual for any employee to overlook any task from his or her to-do list, but the use of an internal help desk helps to keep track of them until they are solved. The spontaneous accountability optimizes the internal support operations of the enterprise, even if an employee remains absent all of a sudden.

3. Expense Tracker:

Companies can’t compete in today’s market without offering highly aggressive pricing, and when they do that, their profit margin goes down. That’s why successful enterprises are concentrating on optimizing their operating costs to gain a competitive advantage. That’s where you need the expense tracker app. The core finance and accounting system can track the records of business transactions, but it is not possible to track daily operating expenses through them. Expense tracker tracks all the particular operating expenses and facilitates the management to understand the patterns of the daily expenses. Decision makers can easily get an overview of frequent expenses, forecast inventory needs and control any unnecessary expenses more effectively.

4. CMMS:

The productivity of any manufacturing business depends on the health of machines and used in it. Just like that the life of any equipment depends on their proper maintenance and health check. Sudden stoppage of production due to shut-down of any equipment can be very common if there are no CMMS solution. CMMS Solutions manages and assures maximum health of any types of machinery through regular maintenance. This ensures proper utilization and optimization of equipment and machinery in a manufacturing based enterprise, by facilitating scheduled and proper maintenance of the equipment.

5. Visitor Management:

Enterprises need to allow visitors into their premises for day to day business operations. It involves the designated employees to confirm their schedules, verify the identity of visitors, and any meeting arrangement. Besides, to register the visitors there require paper logs or register books, ID cards and manpower to maintain all of these. The whole process requires some working hours each day and at the end of the year, employers have to pay off millions of dollars only for managing visitors. A visitor management system can optimize the whole process and helps to go for a paperless office.

Bonus: Workplace Wellness App

Engage your employees to foster a collaborative & healthy workplace to extract more productivity from them. A healthy employee can work more efficiently, which contributes to the growth of the enterprise. To keep them alive, cheerful, and healthy you can start providing your employees to use a workplace wellness app. When employees believe their employer cares about their health and well-being, they are more likely to work harder and proactively.