Three video trends we’re expecting at this year’s Enterprise Connect


Neal Lauther, Technical Director - Americas, at Kollective Technology

Now in its 28th year, Enterprise Connect is one of the world’s largest enterprise IT and communications tradeshows. Taking place in Orlando on March 18th – 21st, this year’s show promises new products, services and demonstrations from 140 exhibitors.

While showcasing a variety of IT innovations, a key focus for this year’s show will be the growing trend towards visual communication in the workforce. With recent research suggesting that as many as 65% of workers are ‘visual learners’, the adoption of enterprise video communications such as live streaming, video newsletters and virtual ‘town hall meetings’ is only set to grow. With this in mind, here are three enterprise video trends that we expect to see at the 2019 show:

1. Slow (but important) progress

While artificial intelligence (AI) remains in its infancy, Microsoft, and other leading tech vendors are increasingly exploring the use of machine learning (ML) within their video products. Already, Microsoft has introduced voice-to-text translators, powered by ML, as well as increasingly intelligent tools to monitor for bots and spam.

It’s not just these high-end innovations that are driving change. Smaller, but more regular improvements are also helping to drive video adoption and demand.

All of these small tweaks to existing products, from higher resolution cameras to technology which simplifies scheduling meetings, make the user experience better and the IT team’s job easier.

As such, it may not be the ground-breaking innovations that take center stage at this year’s show. Instead, improved functionality and better versions of existing technologies — enhanced through machine learning and big data analytics — will be just as important.

2. From video calls to video streaming

As consumers, we’re already used to streaming videos on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as part of our daily lives. As such, people have high expectations to be able to instantly create, share and livestream high-quality videos just as quickly and easily in the workplace.

While making video calls has been part of business communications for many years, the desire to livestream more effectively is a growing trend, especially as businesses grow internationally. While it is a relatively inexpensive technology, in the past businesses have had to choose between high-quality video production and reliable deployment. At this year’s show, however, we expect to see new and improved live streaming solutions to help companies improve employee engagement, increase productivity and enhance the quality of online events.

3. Better solutions for remote workers

Technology allows even the most remote workers to engage with their organizations, but for IT teams, being able to monitor those outside of the office can be problematic. A final trend we can expect to see at this year’s show is a growing demand for edge-based network solutions. These solutions will give teams the data they need to make better, faster decisions in real-time. These tools will help the IT team to fix issues more quickly at the edges of a network, and will also result in smoother delivery of video and software for the user and a more secure network across the board. Kollective’s sophisticated intelligent peering platform, along with our visually stunning and actionable analytics dashboard Kollective IQ, are a few examples of these offerings taking center stage at Enterprise Connect 2019.

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