Top 3 Best Online Calendar Apps


Its always hard to find a good online calendar app. Productivity is what keeps us busy more and more but what really are the best online calendar apps? Our team reviewed the top 3.

#1 Dayhaps Online Calendar App

Dayhaps is a simple group calendar where you can easily create, share and manage calendars in groups and individual. Some best describe it as Whatsapp for Calendars. If you are searching for a calendar app that can easily seperate your personal calendar from a shared calendar with your partner, family, work or sport team then Dayhaps is the shared calendar app you are looking for.

Some of Dayhaps features:

  • Create simple group calendars
  • Create private calendars
  • Invite people for calendars and events
  • Manage different views of calendars
  • Set alarms
  • Add notes

#2 Google Calendar

As many already know it Google Calendar is a very big calendar platform with a lot of features. Even when Google has multiple calendar options it still seems to be very hard for a lot people. Also the calendar apps are not so great while you would expect different. Beside the user experience Google calendar still offers it all in terms of functionality.

Some of Googles features:

  • Create shared calendars
  • Invite for Events and public calendars
  • Create shared calendar
  • Set custom alarms

#3 Yahoo Calendar

A little bit less known but Yahoo calendar is also a big calendar platform with lot of features. Share calendars, managing your own agenda and invite people for events. It’s all possible with Yahoo calendar.

Some of Yahoo’s features:

  • Create calendars
  • Invite for Events
  • Create shared calendar
  • Set alarms