Top 5 WordPress Tips You Should Know as a Blogger


WordPress is a very popular open site where you can launch your website. People using WordPress mainly benefit from its popularity because their blog site ranks better in Google. Moreover, WordPress is seen next to Wikipedia because it is a great platform for people to share their opinion and find likeminded people on their niche.

But before that, you need to optimize your blog is a way which gathers up more audience and increases your credibility. Here are some tips on that:

1. Domain Matters

Getting a domain on WordPress is easy, however customizing it is the main part you need here. If you want to get some extra profit groom Google ranking, other than the name of WordPress itself. You got to find a name for your blog site which is unique and relatable.

Other than that, you should also do some keyword research as to how you can optimize the URL so that it ranks better in search engines. All the blogging tips concerning SEO say including primary keyword in the URL is mandatory.

2. Write What You Like

You only an open a blog site when you have extreme knowledge about a thing or you gain expertise in a certain service, which you want to share with some people and maybe profit from it. This brings us to the point where you are going to pick up your niche.

If you are a photographer, then writing several blogs on photography and presenting some cool shots captured by you will do a lot of things. At first, it will entertain people and give them some insight about that place, second it will make them want to make you click pictures on their special occasion, third you’ll gain a lot of popularity from your blog.

3. The Content Should Be Relevant

Say suppose you write on historical events. Make your articles relevant to the user’s query. Now you will ask, how can know what they will search? Your questions are hidden in the keyword research.

The keywords with most volume are the ones which are most searched by the audience. Sometimes you can categorize the events using different demographics, like American History, World History, Chinese History and much more. This makes people easily find your content. Many WordPress tips look for more disintegration and more simple content.

4. Do Not Forget the Format Rules

There are many rules regarding writing a WordPress article. Most importantly you will have to write blogs in small paragraphs. Even small paragraphs with 2 to three short sentences make a paragraph.

Short sentences in most active voice are more preferable. Use bulletins and numbers wherever you can divide your content into points. But always remember to keep them under H1, H2, and h3 tag. Use keywords in the appropriate places. See that you avoid keyword stuffing. Make your articles look more interesting for your readers. An article which first creates curiosity in the mind of their readers and then answers them is an ideal content for user engagement.

5. Add Visuals

Visuals add an extra mileage to your article. No matter how long it is. People will read it when it is filled with explanatory video and photos. You can add relevant pictures supporting your cause. You can use graphs and pie charts if you overtalking about a certain survey or research.

Not only that, sometimes a video tutorial and graphics do the most for your blog and drive in more traffic to your blog site. Social sharing is very important though, whatever you post, make sure that it gets published in social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the 3 most important platforms where your blog will get most exposure. Social media platforms do that extra marketing and promotion for your blog site where you do not have to pay anything. Try to join the daily activities on social media for maximum output.

So here the 5 WordPress tips which are very essential to get known in the digital world. Remember, content marketing whether done in WordPress or any other digital platform, are time-consuming. So, you need to have 3 most important things for that. They are patience, handwork and proper planning.

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