Top Tips For Up-And-Coming CEOs


There isn’t anything in life that comes easy, they all have a hidden/revealed price tag attached. The same case applies to be the face of your business. So if you get yourself at the top or have just landed that much-coveted CEO position, be ready to work even harder and smarter for that matter. There isn’t anything free for any up and coming CEO, it’s all about persistent handwork to prove yourself. You have to measure up to the expectations of both your internal and external publics.

So if you’re a little bit stuck, it’s time to implement these tips to be counted among the best:

Be an intentional leader

You must be your company’s CEO for a good reason. There are skills you must possess that others don’t have and would like to look up to you. So no matter how you think about yourself, never see yourself as an accidental leader. When you get into that office and sit on that chair, have a specific leadership style in mind and work towards implementing it in all your decision making. Of course, this has to go in line with your line of business. Don’t forget to include your unique skills and talent(s) as this is what will make you stand-out. Remember, if your subordinates can’t find your way of leadership, influential and credible, they are likely to seek it elsewhere and you won’t like the end results. If possible, let a leadership coach help you identify your best leadership qualities.

Work on building your company’s cultural aspect

Culture is one of the vital aspects of any successful organization. Therefore, ensure your way of leadership promotes what you as a company believes in. You can achieve this by intentionally taking every possible opportunity to instill a valuable value system within the company. Let others clearly understand what can/can not be tolerated. The value reinforcement system should be clear when it comes to crisis handling, incentives offered, recognition of best working employees and much more. If this is conducted properly, your subordinates will clearly know how to handle themselves and others, even when no one is supervising them. This way, you can look forward to amazing yearly reports.

You’re the brand ambassador

Now that you’re on the top, it’s time to realize that you always have to be visionary and focus on the future you want for your company. You’re the very first brand ambassador of the organization as much as you’re the operator. Kemar Lawrence, founder of, says that too often Marketing gets pushed to the wayside when you are the CEO wearing multiple hats. And that’s why you should always ensure to exercise commitment and aggressiveness in your daily endeavors. Have a plan in place and tirelessly pursue to excel in every area especially when it comes to SEO building. Your company name has to be out there and among the first ones, people think of when they’re in need of a service in your line of work.

Let tour teamwork share your company vision

It’s often said that ” one makes it on their own.” While some individuals can dispute this argument, it’s true in various aspects. You cannot tackle every task in your company on your own. And that should explain why you’re working with a team in the first place. They are your support system and you need each others’ special skills and talents to excel. So no matter how complex you feel the company’s vision is, it can get much better if you had people to help you break-it-down into manageable parts.

Start by carefully evaluating why you’re in that line of business in the first place’ is it because of pressure or demand? What mission is keeping you going as a company? Once you do, discover ways in which you can include your team without seeming too imposing. They have to view it as a calling and not as a gateway to their paycheck day. When individuals are inwardly and effortlessly motivated, it becomes easy to work and walk towards one direction. It’s a collective effort and it should always remain as one.

Focus on organizational health

Most CEOs would easily confuse this with organizational strategy. While they might be similar in many ways, they also have a straight-line difference. Most of the time strategy is what you were taught in business school. But you have to learn the essence of organizational health for the long-term survival of your business. This concept revolves around stating aligning goals and purpose, having a collective leadership team and sharing clear communication of the business vision. In other words, having everyone inclusive by providing a conducive working environment.

You should also ensure to have your company undergoes frequent “health checkups” to ensure everything is functioning according to expectation. This process should include both the external and internal publics. This way, you can easily detect mistakes on time and implement timely curbing measures. It can be very difficult to reverse a very “sick” situation.

You can’t be a specialist in everything

Wearing the CEO badge can be a very challenging position, especially for upcoming CEOs. But that doesn’t mean you have to act all macho by trying to show everyone that you can handle-it-all. The earlier you understand that you can’t be an expert in every field, the better it would be for you. It’s okay to seek the opinions of others when it comes to issues outside your jurisdiction or area of expertise. Maximize on the capabilities of your team and divide them into several groups depending on their disciplines. This way, you can be sure to possess the best ideas. Remember for this work, you have to work with total transparency and let everyone know that their opinion counts. Sometimes the most overlooked ideas turn-out to be the best of them all.

Being a successful CEO means you have to be ready to sacrifice your sleep and time to ensure everything in your company runs smoothly. It’s all about persistence, commitment and leading the way. You have to incorporate your team in the decision making process so that they too own your vision and help you work towards achieving it. Remember to embrace everyone’s unique talents and skills for the betterment of the company. And above all, focus more on boosting your organizational health. You have to be intentionally influential!