Trends Predicted for the 2019 Workplace


With every new year comes new trends to shape the workplace. 2018 saw an increase in outsourcing to freelancers as a way of saving money, diversity and inclusion being pushed and flexible hours and workspaces on the rise – leading to companies seeking an alternative office space. Shoreditch known as the hub of technological and digital innovation offers many options for these companies with spaces such as co-working and managed offices popping up throughout the area.

As 2019 begins, trend predictions are already being made as to what will shape the workplace, here we outline some of these predictions to give insight on what the year will bring for the workforce.

Workplaces Embracing AI

You would have to have been living under a rock to not know the great strides that have been made in AI over the past few years. Bots and virtual assistants have joined the workforce to help with customer service, as well as answering questions staff may have. 2019 sees this integration going even further, with AI playing a role in HR and business strategy. While many fear AI, as they believe its integration will take away jobs, the truth is that while 1.8 million jobs will be lost to automation, 2.3 million jobs will be created.

Millennials Dominating the Workforce

With millennials becoming a larger part of the workforce, something of great importance to them is company culture as they have come to expect a certain type of workplace. They want somewhere that has open communication, where they can achieve purpose and involvement in causes that are important to them and somewhere that has great work culture, which includes a great office environment. Co- working spaces and serviced offices are on the rise as they offer millennials an office space with perks, including snacks, drinks, breakout spaces and more. When looking for great serviced offices, London has many, however one that stands out is Proper Office – offering ping pong tables, hot drinks, cereal, monthly social, breakout spaces and of course great office spaces for its tenants.

The Demise of Emails for Internal Communication

With inboxes overflowing daily, companies have found that one way to reduce this influx of messages is to adopt messaging applications for internal communication – therefore, 2019 will see an increase in the use of messaging applications include Microsoft’s Teams and Slack. An important feature for these applications is the ability to receive alerts and nudges to grab employees’ attentions instead of waiting for them to find an email in their inboxes.

Diverse Leadership

2018saw a great year in terms of diversity, with larger corporations such as Uber hiring its first chief diversity and inclusion officer and Netflix following suit with the hire of Vernā Myers as vice president for inclusion strategy. These strategic hires go along with research that shows how the value of diverse leadership affects organizational performance and success. This trend of diverse leadership is one that will continue into 2019 as companies are beginning to further understand the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

These are just some of the many trends to come in 2019 and as the year has only begun, it will be interesting to see what sticks and what doesn’t as the year unfolds.