Trustify launches secure email service SMAIL



Trustify – an innovator in cybersecurity – has announced the launch of its new secure email service, SMAIL.

Steve Boland, COO of Trustify explains:

“Every day, around 250 billion emails are sent worldwide. The vast majority of those are not secure and present a potential way in to your organisation for cybercriminals.

“At Trustify, we think it’s time for your email to match up to the security of your other digital assets. Too many organisations are leaving the front door open and allowing themselves to be attacked. That’s why we’ve created SMAIL – a service that makes your existing email secure, trackable, and free from malware and phishers.

“Lots of focus has gone into knowing that emails are secure when they are received over the years, but SMAIL also assures anyone who receives your email knows that it can be trusted. For most industries, putting trust back at the heart of their electronic communications is a very attractive proposition. From legal to defence, media to financial services, we’re going to see huge adoption as businesses recognise that the recipients need to have confidence that what they are receiving is not going to affect their systems.”

SMAIL’s features:

  • Emails sent using SMAIL service are encrypted, which means that they are private, safe and secure.
  • SMAIL uses authentication which prevents phishing attacks by blocking them at source.
  • SMAILs can also be tracked and safely recalled if necessary.
  • The encryption is one-click and easy to use.
  • SMAIL is also easy to receive – a single click brings the recipient into the circle of trust.
  • The ease of use means users don’t try and circumvent the system, which reduces human error – the main cause of phishing attacks.
  • It works on mobile. It works on desktop.
  • It’s easy to install and the service wraps around your existing email service

Murray continues:

“We’ve made the service easy to install, easy to use, clear on price and part of our broader product suite to make all organisations increasingly secure in 2019. Because it can be purchased and installed off the shelf at a low per user price, it’s great for sole traders, SMEs as well as being cost-effective for large organisations.

Mike Still, Chairman of both Trustify and BERG (Business Emergency Resilience Group, a part of Business In The Community), says:

“Now businesses can trust every email they send and receive. Getting email right every time has to be a central tenet in the fightback against cybercriminals. Your website is encrypted, your code is locked, so the same needs to be true of your email.”


Notes to editors

Trustify is a leader provider of systems which put trust at the heart of your business.

Trustify protects your digital real estate.

Trustify provides your organisation with the systems that mean others know you take cybersecurity seriously.

Most of the high-profile cybersecurity attacks in 2018 could have been avoided if they had installed Trustify’s simple cyber security first.

Frequently asked questions

How does SMAIL work?

The service overlays your existing email service so you can use it with Gmail, Outlook or similar services. You can always continue to use your existing email addresses.

It’s quick and easy to install, so you can get it up and running in minutes.

It has a simple per-user cost.

The service has an open API for integration into your other systems.

The system has simple, centralised administrative control of all users and permissions.

Why should we move to SMAIL?

In a world of email overload, make yours stand out.

SMAIL adds a level of trust to your communications – your read rates will improve as you avoid junk folders and your recipients know you take cyber security seriously.

Become the beacon of trust by using our SMAIL service.

The service has easy-to-use analytics – which make monitoring and reporting much simpler.

SMAIL also prevents sniffing – where people can intercept your private communications and use for their own purposes.

Will I need to use a new email system?

No, you’ll almost certainly be able to continue to use your existing email system. You just add the security when sending.

Will I need to install special software on my servers?

No. It’s not an enterprise-side install. It is seamless, cloud-based security.

How does it scale?

You pay per user. At scale, we offer discounted rates, as you’d expect.

What problem does it solve?

Fat fingers – emails can be recalled more effectively than Outlook.

Data breaches and GDPR reporting – audit trails are in place to know who sent what where.

Malware attacks – Secure Email is the front line in defending from incoming (and outgoing) attacks. Bad content is blocked.

Phishing attacks – the system uses more than DMARC and DKIM authentication to ID the sender and block bad actors.

What support systems does Trustify provide to support SMAIL?

24x7 online and telephone support.

How does reporting work?

Our patented Postmark™ feature offers full tracking and trackability for audit and compliance purposes. It has been designed around GDPR data governance requirements.

If it works so well, shouldn’t it be harder than this?

In a world of managing the communication of sensitive information, a secure and simple solution is to be welcomed. We’ve created a system that just works. Sign up for a trial and see for yourself.