TWiT 731: An Electric Cannonball

This Week's Stories

  • Video games don't cause mass shootings, but toxic gamer culture doesn't help
  • White House proposes social media censorship
  • Apple wants as many people as possible to get the Apple Card
  • Are Teslas reliable?
  • Chase forgives Canadian customers' debt
  • Apple locks out DIY battery repairs
  • FedEx splits with Amazon
  • Amazon's PillPack fighting with CVS and Walgreens
  • Woz wants you off Facebook
  • Teenagers work overnight to make Amazon Echo
  • Samsung Note 10 kills headphone jack and Bixby button, embraces Microsoft
  • FBI, NSA want hackers, even if they used to smoke pot
  • Defcon takes on voting machine security
  • Elizabeth Warren's plan for rural broadband
  • US Navy ditching touchscreen controllers

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Brianna Wu, Ben Johnson, and Sam Abuelsamid

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