Two thirds of UK workers irritated by co-workers' messy desks



Two-thirds of UK workers are irritated by their co-worker’s messy desks, despite less than half tidying their own workstations daily, according to a new survey.

The study of 1,250 office workers, conducted by Bankers Box by Fellowes, looked into organisational habits at work and found that almost two thirds (59%) of those surveyed said they regularly procrastinate over organisational tasks, with less than half of UK office workers (45%) tidying their desk daily. Ironically, 63% admitted they get annoyed when nearby colleagues’ desks are messy.

Despite these revelations, nearly all (94%) respondents said that being more organised in the office makes them more productive, with 61% who claimed it also makes them a better worker.

Fellowes UK & Ireland Sales and Marketing Director, Darryl Brunt, comments:

“Our study shows how offices across the country are crying out for better organisation, as years of paperwork and records pile up, making it difficult to focus and find important information.”

He added:

“What’s worrying is that although people are aware their productivity is being affected, many office workers still aren’t regularly organising their workspace, which our research shows is to the detriment of productivity and success.”

The research also revealed that one in ten people admitted to keeping documents for up to two years on their desks.