UK Workers Reveal Typical Day In Emojis


Brits experiencing emotional highs and lows at work due to the frustration of dealing with menial tasks

The typical day for UK workers is a rollercoaster ride, swinging wildly from emotional highs to lows. That’s according to new research from ServiceNow, which asked 1,300 UK office workers to describe their typical day using only emojis.

The research reveals that workers frequently run into frustrations during their daily work. The top five emojis they used to describe the typical working day were :+1: (Thumbs Up), :sleeping: (Sleeping Face), :smile: (Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes), :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (Angry-red Swearing Face) and :tired_face: (Weary Face)— highlighting that while people may start with a positive attitude, their work day is easily derailed.

Other emojis that were chosen by workers to demonstrate the frustrations they experience as part of their daily routines are:

  • 15% 🤷‍♀ (Person Shrugging (with a lack of care))
  • 8% :disappointed_relieved: (Crying Face)
  • 5% :nauseated_face: (Nauseated Face)

Sally Sourbron, Senior HR Director EMEA at ServiceNow, said: “Many UK workers are trying to take a positive approach to work, but their best intentions are being thwarted, resulting in despair, confusion and even boredom. Looking at the working practices in many businesses, there are plenty of potential sources for frustration — whether it’s bureaucratic processes, tedious tasks, or a lack of freedom to focus on work that really matters. Intelligent digital workflows that take away more mundane, day-to-day activities can help businesses to create great employee experiences that put an end to the rollercoaster of emotions and make work, work better for people.”