What does social media marketing look like for financial companies?

When it comes to marketing campaigns, financial companies are the first ones to struggle at adopting a very free and natural strategy of implementing it. Although it may seem that promoting opportunities to make more money would be pounced upon by the community, it is definitely not the case.

For starters, promoting trading services, investment opportunities and pretty much anything connected to finance is largely prohibited in some of the more developed countries. For example, the EU region is famous for bullying their financial company market. But bullying is quite harsh, it’s more like obsessive control, to be honest.

Due to past scam experiences, the regulators didn’t want to take any risk so they punished the market by imposing these harsh laws. The bad thing is that some good companies are now suffering from the fallout.

Thanks to these restrictions, financial companies were forced to employ alternate methods of promoting their products. The core of which, quickly became affiliate marketing campaigns. Where the company would entrust a third party website owner to promote their services.

As it is clearly seen in the infographic, most financial companies focus on promoting their product on Facebook. Well, at least that’s the platform that provides the most efficiency.
This is due to Facebook being a superior platform for B2C marketing compared to other websites such as Instagram or LinkedIn.

In most cases, Instagram users don’t like being directly marketed to, that’s why we see most marketing campaigns happen through influencers there. For LinkedIn, it’s completely irrelevant to target conversion through the website. This is due to the community’s nature, which focuses more on self-branding rather than looking for B2C options. It’s more oriented towards B2B partnerships.

Overall, the infographic provides a basic overview of what social media marketing strategies look like for financial companies. However, to determine their effectiveness in a more precise way, numbers and statistics are imperative.

You can check those numbers and statistics at the source article and compare all the companies to each other with great ease.