What is The History of Corrugated Cardboard?


Every product has its history and fundamentals. Packing is not the invention of the modern world. It has history about a century. The human being has tried to make things that are necessary for their lives. The packing has observed modifications with time. This industry has developed and introduced the new dimensions in packing concerning size, material, color, design, shape, style, and printing. The corrugated boxes are widely and commonly used all over the world o store multiple products. They are demanded in packing rat material to final products. Let’s discuss the history of them.

Origin (A century ago)
“M Tiverton & Son” have the credit to introduce the paperboard in 1817. It was a simple box not corrugated. It was considered a fantastic invention for them. Every industry started to use it to pack many kinds of products. It got popularity until mid of 18th century. The people have started working on packing. They wanted to achieve adequate and perfect container.
In 1856: (pure paperboard)
The cardboard packaging was patented by “Healey & Allen” in 1856 for the first time. In the beginning, they used it as a hat liner. The use of them has continued. Many companies have adopted them to ship their items in long distant places.
In 1871: (corrugated cardboard)
Later on, in 1971 “Albert L. Jones” patented the invention and corrugated cardboard boxes were introduced. The machine used 3 years to produce a large quantity of them.
1874: (two-layer corrugated)
The American “Oliver Long” has improved the invention and introduced the two layers corrugated cardboard packaging. He made it more durable. He glued the sheet of plain paper on the corrugated layer. It made it more durable and reliable. The wholesaler got excited to get them. They can easily transport heavyweight products by packing them. The double layer has increased the protection of the goods.
1881: Invention of First Machine
“Thompson & Norris Company” introduced the first machine in Europe which is known as the “single facer corrugated cardboard machine.”
1890-1895: (claim by French)
The device was installed in France. The French have raised a claim that they were the inventors of the corrugated packaging boxes. There was a museum in South-East France to prove this. But they were hand made boxes at petite sizes. They are not known outside their local area.
After 1900
Later on, this machine has crossed the shores and installed in America. The “Scottish born American Robert Gair.” He has introduced the cutting of the cardboard and turning into the boxes. The flat pieces of cardboard were used. The popularity of corrugated packaging has flourished very fast. The people got a splendid opportunity to store the goods and wrap them properly. The inventions in sizes, colors, and styles have introduced day by day. The extra features were also added. The pack’s with lids were introduced. The carrying handles were added. It has made easier it’s shipping. The printed packing has also come into existence.
After 2000: (Modern Day)
Corrugated is included among the most appreciated and admired materials to protect the goods. The die cut is facilitating you with enacting shapes and styles. The modern appearance has brought remarkable developments in this industry. There are many features in them. The corrugated boxes wholesale are efficiently facilitating the buyers. You can get a large volume of them in your functions and occasions. They are not costly. You can easily afford them within your budget. You can easily carry with you. They do not damage during shipping. The products remain safe and sound during transport. They are durable. The modern custom printed corrugated boxes have made them famous in the whole world. You can order custom design and printing as per your requirement. The small scale company or brand can also get the desired printed designs in a short time at reasonable rates. They are covered with wrapping tapes and papers. Everything is printed such as ribbons, tapes, labels, and logo. You can easily recognize your brand in the market. The corrugated packing has secured your products. Appealing and impressive designs are attracting customers. They have occupied the particular space not only in the market also in the hearts of the shoppers. It is still experiencing new and modern innovations with the changing trends in technology.