Why Consider Gamification During mLearning App Development?

We often have heard this phrase, “Make Learning Fun”. When learning will be more enjoyable, students will pay more attention to it and put their best efforts, and eventually brings better results. But, ever wondered how to make that possible? How to turn lengthy notes, boring textbooks, complex mlearning apps, and monotonous learning process into something exciting?

One technology concept that has come up as a solution to this problem is - Gamification.

Gamification, as depicted from the name, is the process to gamify your software/mobile apps. Or better say, employ the game design elements into your non-game mobility solutions. While the terms is somewhat new, it is gaining widespread adoption in the field of education app development.

And a few reasons behind are as follows:-

Benefits of Introducing Gamification in Your Mobile App

Gamification has emerged out as a core pillar of every Education app’s success by delivering the following benefits:-

  1. Keep them Hooked

The foremost reason why one should consider gamification during mlearning app development is that it improves the user acquisition and engagement numbers. It adds curiosity among the users, keep them surprising at regular intervals, and prevent them from getting bored too early.

  1. Make Concepts Memorable

When you read something, there is a higher probability that you may forget and will have to revise the same. But, when it comes to gamification process, you experience the whole scenario individually. This makes it utterly difficult for you to skip any details of the process; implying the concepts become far more memorable for you.

  1. Build Sense of Achievement

Based on the ideology that everyone desires to become the winner, the gamification elements of mlearning apps introduces various prizes and offers on winning a quiz/competition. When the users passes the situation, they get rewarded which evokes position emotions in their mind and encourage them to interact with your application more often.

Not only this, they even tend to share their achievement on different social media platforms which act as a Referral marketing mechanism.

  1. Foster Behavioral Change

The gamification process make the users encounter with similar challenges repeatedly. This leaves an impression on their behavior and encourage them to embrace the changes in them. In other words, the process introduces significant changes in the behavior of target user base.

  1. Applies to Different Fields

Gamification, unlike other processes, can be employed into different forms of learning. It can be taken into consideration for improving your induction and onboarding experience, soft skills, customer support, awareness creation, product sales, and more - something that can’t be possibly covered in the theoretical part of the education world.

  1. Access to Instant Feedback

Last but not least, mobile applications also helps the students and teachers to get their feedback instantly and come across the factors they need to work on. Or better say, it provides them a way to evaluate their performance in real-time rather than waiting for mid-session discussion

Now as we have looked into the perks of integrating gamification into your mobile application development process, here are some of the things you should keep in mind when putting this into action:-

Different Things to Consider While Implementing Gamification in Your Education App

  1. Keep a Balance of Entertainment and Learning

It’s true that gamification will help in making your application entertaining and increase the number of eyeballs on the platform. But, this does not mean that you get diverted from the prime motive of learning and turn your platform into an entertaining one. You should maintain a balance between the two.

  1. Give Users a Reason to Participate

May it be some instant rewards or discounts or offers, you should provide your customers with some sort of additional benefits which will compel them to interact with your mobile application more often.

  1. Introduce Competition

While assigning some rewards is one thing, you can also improve the numbers of your educational app by making it competitive. For this, you can either keep on increasing the level of difficulty or provide the users with an opportunity to bring their friends on the platform and play as a group.

  1. Add Some Real-Life Examples

When you introduce some real life incidents, the users find it easier to understand the situation, gain the insights and act at their best. So, don’t forget to skip this pointer while investing in mlearning app development.

  1. Make it Simple

This is one of the best tips to make your mobile application users’ favorite that you should consider. And the reason behind is that the simple UI design of your mobile application makes it easier for users from all walks of life to easily get familiar with the platform and perform the needful. Whereas, a complex design confuses them and give them a reason to exist the platform.

The Net-Net

Gamification in mobile apps have brought a drastic change in the learning world. It has made the educational process more exciting and engaging for the students and easy for the teachers. It has created more opportunities to boost your self-confidence and chances to get success - making everyone look forward to introducing gamification into mlearning app development process. However, it’s not a replacement of the existing educational curriculum. So, it is necessary to look into when and how to implement gamification into your app so as to gain better outcomes, which means turning towards the best education app development companies.