Women Changing the Day - International Women's Day 2019



A study, which was carried out by Harvard Business Review, found out that women were ranked higher than men when it came to leadership competencies. Further research carried by the BI Norwegian Business School concluded that women were better leaders than their counterparts as summarized here by the Independent.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we would like to mention a few startups set up by women that are helping make a difference globally.

  1. Pandia Health :

Pandia Health is trying to make birth control accessible and easy for women to get anywhere on the globe through affordable telehealth, prescription fulfilment etc.

  1. WEConnect International :

WEConnect International is a worldwide network which connects women owned businesses to buyers across the globe, helping women build and expand businesses.

  1. CloQ :

CloQ provides nano credit facility and financial literacy.

  1. AdmitSee :

Admitsee makes the application process more transparent and easier for students to understand, helping more students to gain access to university.

  1. Hopscotch :

Hopscotch is an app that helps kids learn to code in a fun and entertaining way.

  1. 10Power :

10Power invests in renewable energy projects which can be paid back over time, resulting in access to a clean source of power.

  1. Accompany :

Accompany provides you with a Virtual Chief of Staff and uses AI and Machine Learning to provide the user with information about who they are meeting all in a day’s time.

Starting a new Business can be a daunting process, having a strong business foundation in place can play a major role in the success and failure of a business. Our Senior Director, Anam Rehman, has been helping women set up and develop businesses across the United Kingdom. She is a proud advocate and a strong believer in Women being in Business.

Read our Startup Guide if you are thinking about starting a new Business.

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