Cloud computing users are not necessarily surgically attached to their computer in an office. They get out and about, have a life and at times can be mistaken for humans having a beer or glass of wine in a bar!

However, being tech-savvy types they want their business tools to work efficiently and effectively as much as possible and this applies to their mobile phones. If you don’t believe you can send emails, texts and reminders via voice and have a virtual phone network that links all types of phone then you will be pleasantly surprised by Dial2Do and Ribbit.

Dial2Do promotes itself as a hands-free digital assistant and really scores because of the accuracy of its voice recognition engine. It enables you to send emails reminders, texts and tweets purely through speech and at the price of a local call.

It has been some months since I took a look at the home page and the services have expanded dramatically since I signed up. Then you could send emails, texts and reminders to yourself, contacts or group contacts. Now you can do all of that plus send tweets, post notes to your Evernote account, talk your expenses through to Xpenser. Other linked services include Tumblr and you can listen to a range of news feeds from Perez Hilton to the New York Times.

I just discovered a downside to sending Tweets via Dial2d0, the tweets carry a link to the service and people can hear you talk the message through – how do you like my London twang!

For transmitting information as emails, texts etc you need to set up your contacts within your Dial2Do account by putting their name, email address and mobile number. Dial2Do will choose the voice activated name but you can edit that to change it to nicknames, just first names etc. Dial2Do also enables you to import contacts from AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc so setting up a comprehensive contacts list is simplicity itself.

To me the beauty of Dial2Do is that while it is easy to set up and even easier to use, it is tremendously powerful and having it setup as a speed dial number means I can carry on with business safely, even while driving.