DASCOM has announced the launch of its renewed T2000 range of industrial dot matrix printers, re-engineered to print even clearer and barcodes, graphics, forms and character sets in an Ethernet environment. The six new printers also include Intelligent Graphics Processor (IGP) support.

The new versions of the Tally T2150, T2250, 2265+, T2280+, T2365 MC and T2380 machines promise better print quality, barcode readability and graphical capabilities. Ethernet interfaces and monitoring of print jobs using Print Job Language (PJL) are also available on all the new models.

“The IGP data stream is an industry standard in the logistics and production environment for forms, graphics and barcodes. Adding support for IGP means that DASCOM GB can provide ultra-reliable and ultra-fast printing for any industrial environment,” explained DASCOM GB’s Managing Director, Robin Edwardes. “We’ve just made the toughest printers on the market much more capable and flexible.”

The new dot matrix models provide a competitively priced alternative to standard line printers, take up little footprint and handle different types of print job, labels and papers with ease. All the printers have a 24-pin print head and support both IGP/PGL (IGP/Printronix Graphics Language) and QMS Code V. With print speeds of up to 1000 characters per second, and able to automate the printing of 8-part copies.

DASCOM, through its Tally and TallyDASCOM brands, hopes to underpin a strong market position and strengthen its role as manufacturer of dot matrix printers. “Our new product range once again proves our expert knowledge of the sector and years of experience in the logistics environment,” said Edwardes. “Our development also means we are able to make modifications quickly and simply to meet customers’ specific requirements and we can react promptly to the demands of the market.”