Technology Decision? Choose None Of The Above

The pace at which new technologies are introduced makes it increasingly difficult to know when to refresh existing hardware and software, and exactly what to refresh them with. Contrary to what common sense might tell us, the latest technology isn’t always the best technology.

Take Windows Vista and the iPhone 4 for example; despite incorporating the latest technology from two of the world’s largest IT innovators, in both cases the overall user experience fell short of their respective predecessors.

At consumer level this presents a small problem for the unfortunate party. The user either learns to live with the choice they have made, waiting and hoping they make a more informed choice next time, or they break with their normal refresh timeframes and simply replace the technology in question. For businesses however, making the wrong technology choice can be crippling.

New technologies must be purchased, tested, integrated, trained on and deployed, and even then, can the organisation really know whether they’ve chosen the right path? I think it is only through the rigours of daily use that a new technology’s true worth is discovered.

Managed services providers will tell you they offer an alternative to the technology refresh headache, with pay-per-use access to proven technologies that are future-proofed and scale as you need them.

Some business owners may argue that this is simply swapping a tough technology decision with an equally difficult decision about which provider to use. Faced with the choice of managed services available at predictable monthly costs that you can turn on and off, or the substantial risks of deploying costly infrastructure, I know which I’d prefer.