It takes all sorts to keep a data center manager happy. Here are ten things to put a smile on the face of your average server wrangler:

  1.  Efficient code. Inefficient software needs more processing power to run. It consumes lots of electricity and costs more money. As a result, budget-conscious data center managers love lean, mean code.
    2. Noise-cancelling headphones. Data centers can be loud. All that ventilation equipment makes quite a racket. Noise-cancelling headphones provide respite from the whooshes and hums of servers at work.
    3. Magnetic tape. It’s tried, tested and light on power consumption. Memory sticks and iPods may have taken over in everyday life, but tapes are still an important weapon in the data center manager’s armoury.
    4. Blinking lights. To most of us, the lights on computer hardware barely register. But to data center managers, they signal healthy activity. Servers are working, data is flowing – and they can relax. Equally, a UID light can help them track down a problem quickly.
    5. Hardworking servers. Some data centers are hiding armies of ‘zombie’ servers, wasting power while sitting idle. That’s why data center managers prefer to have just a few servers running near capacity.
    6. Epic uptime. Every data center manager has a server that refuses to die. With an uptime measured in years, it’s seen staff come and go without ever being switched off. Whatever you do, don’t mess with it.
    7. Cold weather. Keeping servers cool without inflating the air-con bill is a challenge for data center managers. As natural cooling works wonders, don’t be surprised if they have an eye on cooler climes. Though after recent seismic activity, perhaps not Iceland.
    8. Locating a hot spot. Heat damages equipment and shortens its lifespan, so hard-to-find hot spots are a menace. Underneath server racks, behind cabinets – tracking down and eliminating them is a real victory.
    9. Fixing problems quickly. Data center managers know that small problems grow. When something as simple as a broken air cooler can cause server failure, they need to move fast, using tools like our Rack Controller to resolve issues.
    10. Good coffee. If electricity is fuel for your servers, caffeine is fuel for the people who keep them running. A caffeinated manager is a happy manager – just be sure to keep lattes strictly away from computer equipment.