2018 is going to be an exciting year in the automotive industry, as it will come complete with some brand new trends. This industry has progressed massively in the last couple of years, and big name car brands are going out of their way more than ever to find out what luxury really is and how to offer this. To keep you up to speed, we thought we’d cover the three big trends of 2018.

1. Car Sharing

Car sharing increased in 2017 – and there’s no doubt that it will grow further in 2018. If you live in a metropolitan city like London for example, owning a car can be an incredibly expensive outgoing – so this could be a better alternative rather than making an outright purchase.  It’s also notable that it can be difficult to drive around busy cities anyway, so do you really need a car full time? The effect of this is that cars that you may have originally thought were unaffordable can now be used. Studies say that by 2030 – that 1 out of 10 cars will be a car share to give you an idea of how big this could be.

2. Autonomous Cars

Although it may take a bit of time for autonomous cars to be fully on the road, it’s something that you will want to look out for in 2018.  Lots of car manufacturers are already heavily involved in the testing stages of this. These cars come complete with lots of integrated technology such as Light Detection, AI, GPS, cameras and more. Of course, one of the main concerns is the cost implications associated with this.  Who will be able to afford one? People may not be able to afford one, but car leasing could be an option.  The next step is to become one of many personal car lease options available to the consumer. Renting or leasing is a great chance for you to be able to drive the car of your dreams without the big initial payment, and there will be no doubt lots of car leasing deals to take advantage of when it all kicks off.

3. Electric Cars

An increasing number of people are being more proactive in terms of being environmentally friendly – which is why we have seen the use of electric cars rise.  This means that all car brands are taking this into consideration when launching new vehicles. It is estimated that by 2022 – Mercedes Benz will offer 50 versions of electric cars, and the likes of BMW are looking to mass produce them.  Toyota is another one who are taking this very seriously – and are looking to invest $13 billion to create 10 new electric cars by 2020.  There have been predictions made that Britain and France will actually ban vehicles powered by gas by the time 2040 comes.

If you are a car fanatic, now you have a good idea as to what 2018 could bring you.






Christian Harris

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