Have you ever wondered what some of the best company team building activities are? Team building activities are a great way to improve a company’s morale and efficiency, by creating an atmosphere of camaraderie in the office. Yet, many employees actually don’t like team building activities. According to study by Wakefield Research, these activities might actually be counterproductive when not carried out properly, introducing tensions and creating distrust in the workplace. So it’s really important to get it right.

Team building activities are a good way of bringing colleagues together and giving them opportunities to unwind and bond. It creates confidence between them and within the overall work environment. In order to make these exercises actually work, it’s important to recognise that people are different and not everyone is comfortable in groups. The main thing to avoid is putting your staff in embarrassing situations by respecting each person’s feelings. Moreover, it’s important to take into account the different physical abilities of each worker and offer different options to make everyone feel as relaxed as possible.

When a team-building activity goes well, employees become united as a group, increase their strengths, address their weaknesses and develop important problem-solving and creativity skills. Furthermore, a good working environment makes each worker enjoy their time at the office more, and everyone knows a happy worker is a good worker. So here’s a list of the best company team building activities to help you out…

1. Sports Activities

One of the best team-building activities is, without question, sports. It’s a great way of encouraging groups and getting co-workers to cultivate some team spirit.  This sort of team exercise not only benefits the employees by creating stronger bonds, but also increases physical activity which improves health and raises motivation.  Paintballing is a good all rounder that will be enjoyed by most people, but depending on the individuals in your team you could even do something as exhilarating as skydiving!

2. Talking In Circles

Begin by putting everyone in a circle around a long piece of string which is tied at its ends to form a circle. Everyone should hold the string with both hands without letting go. The team has to make shapes with the string. The first time with their eyes open, but the second time they should have their eyes shut. The challenge here is to communicate clearly and be precise with movements.

3. Mine Field

A good exercise to build trust and interdependence is Mine Field. In a large room or outdoor field, set up a ‘mine field’ using things like chairs, balls, cones or boxes. Leave enough space between objects for people to walk through. Divide the group in pairs, and put together people who don’t know each other very well or have trust issues. Then blindfold a person of each pair, and make them walk through the mine field guided only by their partner’s verbal directions.

4. Volunteering Activities

A coordinated employee volunteer activity helps staff to bond while doing solidarity activities and supporting the community all at the same time. By giving back to the community, co-workers develop strength and team spirit, as well as leadership abilities.

5. Back-To-Back Drawing

This is a really good activity for improving communication. Divide your group into pairs and have each pair sit on the floor back to back. One person in each pair should receive a picture of a shape and the other person should receive a pencil and pad of paper. Everyone holding a picture has to give verbal instructions to their partners on how to draw the shape but, of course, without actually saying what shape it is. When finished, each pair should compare their original shape to the drawing, and consider how they worked together and where they could have improved in their communication.