Everyone should watch out for the 7 deadly sins. They’ll poison your life, career, and relationships. They can even poison your online meetings if you’re not careful! I had a bit of a think about how the 7 deadly sins could ruin your online meetings and I hope none of these happen to you any time soon! Watch out – these sins are out of control and they might hit you next…

  1.  Lust

Everything is going great. Your online meeting is just wrapping up and you think you nailed it. In fact, you know you nailed it. And your boss attended as well so he is going to love it too. Then the message comes up in the group chat. ‘I think you forgot to close a tab in your browser, man’. Your eye scans the top of the browser that you’ve been sharing with your entire work division. “Busty babes XXX”. I hear Starbucks is hiring. Career change anyone?

  1.  Sloth

Today is the day of that big online meeting you’ve been waiting for – the one where you’ll finally get the chance to make your pitch. You’re working from home today and you thought you’d nap and get up just in time to go over the material you’ll be covering later on. But it’s so warm and cozy underneath your sheets. You could stay there forever. You don’t even realise when you doze off and by the time you wake up it’s a quarter to six. You’ve missed the meeting. You know, the one to finalise the BIG account.

  1.  Wrath

Your meeting participants are chatting during your meeting. You know it. Those jerks! Why don’t they pay attention and watch how a professional does it? Your mouse hovers over the icon before landing on their name. Suddenly your fingers are flying across your keyboard and you’re typing out a scathing message to those chatty Cathies. Ha! That will show them! But wait. It wasn’t your chatty colleagues that got the message. It was your boss and you just called him a “waste of space and good for nothing office gossip.”

  1.  Envy

You’re listening to the office butt-kisser Tim give another online presentation for the third time this month. What does he have that you don’t? He’s sharing his screen and his desktop is tidy and professional. He was the one who suggested switching to web conferencing in the first place. He is just full of great ideas isn’t he? After the meeting you go up to your supervisor and let him know you have just as many good ideas as butt-kisser Tim. He gives you a funny look and you head back to your office to check your emails. Then you see it. The email which your supervisor sent you yesterday. He wants you to work with Tim on the next big project. He thanked you for your “patience” and said you’re “a pleasure to work with”. Think Tim will find you a pleasure to work with?

  1.  Pride

You are just the best, aren’t you? You give the best online meetings, have the best ideas, bring in the biggest clients. You practically run this place. It would be a good idea to double check that your PowerPoint presentation is in order but why bother? It’s a waste of time because you’re invincible! And now it’s time to get started with the meeting. Your participants join. Let’s do this! Now open your presentation file for all to see… wait, what? Your presentation didn’t save and all you have is a single PowerPoint slide titled “Slide 1[Insert title]“. What’s that famous expression again? “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” – ouch!

  1.  Greed

The new guy Dan has been stealing your accounts since he got here. The ones you worked so hard to land. You start to hoard all your work and refuse to ask for help because you want all the recognition. You’re overworked and flustered but it’ll be worth it – this will show Dan! And you’re on time for that online meeting. You open the presentation on your desktop entitled “Hansen’s Diapers” and proceed to give a 30 minute presentation on diapers. But it’s the wrong client. This client is a software company. Whoops. Well… who knows, maybe they’re interested in diapers… How badly do you want to make that sale?

  1.  Gluttony

It’s Carol in accounting’s birthday today. She brought in cake. Everyone takes a slice. You take 4. Your presentation is in 10 minutes and you’re in the bathroom throwing up frosty pink cake. It was too much. It was all too much. Must… have… revenge… Carol!!

Time to share! What’s your most cringe-tastic online meeting or office story? Did you seek revenge on Carol as well? Perhaps by burying their office supplies in jell-o? Ever had one too many drinks at an office party? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below!