Oracle is said to ‘vigorously oppose’ SAP’s recent appeal against the huge $1.3bn (£808m) damages it has been ordered to pay out – Oracle is firmly against a retrial and, understandably, want the verdict to stand. In fact as SAP drag the trial out, Oracle could push for more compensation.

The jury worked out the final, rather staggering, amount by presuming that if SAP had downloaded the IP legally, then the full value of Oracle licenses would have been paid for. SAP has felt the outcome unfair as they always accepted responsibility for the actions of TomorrowNow – and claim they would never have sought to buy the Oracle software, and so the jury’s basis for the fine should not stand.

The case is coming up to nearly four years old now as Oracle originally sued SAP back in March 2007 for the alleged theft by TomorrowNow, (a subsidiary of SAP) of Oracle software and support materials.

Oracle’s analysts originally estimated a $408.7m fine pre the intellectual property-theft trial, but obviously, they do not want to give up the larger amount. A hearing is set for 13th July as the two software giants continue to go head to head.