The web is littered with all sorts of advice. Just Google any word and there is bound to be a tutorial.

Blogging is no different. There are literally tons of advice on blogging. Not all of it is good. A lot is repeated. Not all of it is genuine. A lot of it you might have heard before.

So then what advice can I give you that will make you a better blogger. Well, this advice has a lot to do with personal conviction, personal experience, and to some degree common logic.

Be yourself

It is so easy to use the web as a facade. Something to hide behind. To cover up the real you, your true character. Don’t do that. Be yourself. Allow your personality to be expressed in your blog post writings.

Because there is probably nothing new under the sun, the chances are that someone else has written on your chosen topic is great. So then what makes your blog different? Why would you attract readers to your blog? It’s that personal touch. Don’t be afraid to let people know who you are, what you’re feeling. Share your experiences, share your knowledge. Share you’re personal point of view.

Don’t copy another blogger

There certainly are some great bloggers out there. We would be foolish not to take their advice, study there success and see how we can apply that to our own blog and situation.

But too many times we see that success and strive to be like that person. That’s the worst thing you can do. Along with my previous point, this is also some of the best advice I can give you. Don’t copy another blogger.

By that I do not mean copying their content, which of course is a given, don’t do that. But don’t try to be like them, the same style, the same approach, even the same design and topic. You have to be different. carve out your own popularity. Become a breath of fresh air to the stale and mundane.

Strive to deliver quality content

Content is King. You’ve read on my blog many times. The best advice that you’ll ever receive is to strive to deliver good quality content to your readers. Don’t regurgitate the rubbish that is out there. Make sure that what you deliver is the best that you can. Always. Don’t write just for the sake of writing. Write because you have quality to deliver.

Fire up your passion

So what is the most read niche in blogging? What niche seems to make the most money? Which topic get the most traffic? If these are the types of questions you’re asking yourself then you’ve missed the boat. You need to be blogging about what you are passionate about.

People do not want to read your blog because it fits a certain profile. They want to read what you have to say. The want to be inspired by your passion. If you are not passionate about you blog and about your chosen topic, how do you expect your readers to get excited and want more.

Write about what you know

So many bloggers fail because they write about stuff they have no or very little knowledge about. Soon you will run out of steam and your blog will be forgotten in the blog hole of cyberspace.

Write about what’s close to your heart. Write about what you know, what you’ve experienced. People will be attracted to your blog because of what you know. They will come back because they know they will have the question answered by an expert. Don’t try to fool people with a topic you have little knowledge about. It will soon come back to haunt you.

Put your readers first

Why have a blog if no one is going to read it. Just like a shop or company who strives to put their customers first. Put your readers first. They are the ones that make or break your blog. Treat them with respect. Interact and engage with them. Answer their question, fulfil their needs. Without your readers your blog is just taking up space and time.


Yes, there is lots of advice. Most of it is good, some bad. A lot you’ve heard before. You might have even read about this before. But I believe that these points above will put you in good stead no matter what topic you are blogging about. Perhaps you have some more advice for the rest of us. What is the best advice that you have ever received on blogging. Care to share that with us?