Over the past couple of years, it seems that everything is moving to the cloud. Since businesses have realised that cloud-based software offers increased security, affordability, and are highly scalable, they have become a major part of enterprise solutions.

Everything from employee management to project coordination can be handled using software that stores information on the cloud. This allows immediate, secure access to information, while helping to cut costs on IT and security.  So, what are the best cloud based solutions for businesses? This will depend on your individual business needs. But, to get started, take a look at the following options to find out what the cloud has to offer.

1. Accounting & Invoicing Software

Cloud-based account and invoicing software simplifies the methods you use for billing clients. If you have a mobile workforce, this can be incredibly beneficial. With a cloud-based solution for billing and invoicing, your mobile employees can create a bill from any location. Back at the office, the information is immediately accessible. The primary benefit of cloud-based accounting software is that you can access your financial information from anywhere. These solutions can be integrated with other applications – including banking software. With advancements in security, using a cloud-based accounting solution is even more secure than storing this information on your local computers or business servers.

2. Workforce Management Software

Cut down on the costs needed for hardware to track your employee time and attendance. Workforce Management Software from Advance Systems allows you to monitor, track, and record your employee’s attendance. This gives you an accurate method of managing your workforce. Increase productivity with cloud-based time and attendance software from Advance Systems. Along with tracking attendance, you can integrate these systems with your payroll management and other human resources tasks. This helps you prevent human error when dealing with payroll and keeps your employee information secure.

3. Customer Relations Management Software

Customer relations management (CRM) solutions give you a superior method for keeping track of customer or client contact information. Many of these solutions also provide email marketing solutions, such as mailing lists. The main function of CRM software is to improve all areas of customer relations and interactions. They also provide analytics, task tracking, and increased organization. They can help you maintain your client base, improve your marketing efforts, and they are highly scalable.

4. VoIP

You do not need to spend a fortune on your phone systems when you can rely on cloud-based solutions such as Skype for Business. You can get started for free or upgrade to the subscription plan if you need to make unlimited international calls. It can cost hundreds of dollars per month to install business lines inside an office. While you will still need some type of phone line, you can dramatically cut your costs by using VoIP and other web-based phone solutions.

5. File Storage

File storage is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cloud-based software. A cloud-based server for storing your files offers numerous advantages compared to relying on a local server.  First off, you can save money by cutting down on server space in your offices. You can also enjoy increased security. Cloud file storage is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Major companies have invested heavily in the security of their servers. Otherwise, people would not trust these companies to store sensitive information. In the end, cloud-based servers are more secure than storing information locally.

6. Project Management

Employee collaboration gets easier when you have a cloud-based project management solution. Employees can instantly share files and messages or determine which task they should be working on. As a manager or business owner, you can view the progress of your employees and ensure tasks are getting completed on time.  For cloud-based project management solutions, you can start off by looking into free applications, such as the various Google services. If you require more features and options, then upgrade to a paid service. The costs are minimal and the benefits are tremendous.

These are just some of the top cloud-based business software solutions. Almost any program or application that you use probably has a cloud alternative. If you are worried about costs, security, or any other issues related to IT, then various cloud-based softwares could be the solution. By cutting down on file storage and local disk usage, you can shrink the size of your IT department or allow them to focus on other tasks. You may find that you can completely eliminate your need for local servers. Servers can cost thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

Cloud-based software is here to stay and more businesses are beginning to rely on them for their business needs. These solutions and cloud software options are secure, cost-effective, and efficient. Start streamlining your business operations with the top cloud-based business software.