With the dawn of the internet era well and truly upon us, the rise in cybercrime in the digital jungle is extremely worrying, with 1 in 5 UK citizens having their online accounts hacked. The security risks of using the internet are huge, with many users continually in danger of having their information stolen from personal online bank accounts, emails and social media.

Some problems may seem more frustrating than risky, but there are many potential dangers out there when it comes to being part of the online community.

Common Internet Dangers

Below is a summary of the most common problems that we are faced with when using the internet:

  • Security hacks on our personal data, such as emails and social media accounts
  • Hackers gaining access to anything from bank account details to company data
  • The government being able to monitor our every online step
  • Devices can be exposed to computer viruses
  • Geo-blocks that control what can be viewed in specific countries.

There are a number of solutions that can be implemented to help combat all of the above. One good solution is to install anti-virus software – it’s often said to be the most vital piece of kit for anyone who uses the internet. It’s something which should be used on all the devices you have, including Macs and this software is widely available and simple to install.

Install A VPN

VPNs are another important piece of software which you can use to help protect yourself from internet threats and are important to anyone who values their privacy and anonymity while online. Although, while they are easy to set up on Windows, Macs have a slightly harder time of it – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t VPN option available to them.

Express VPN is a hugely popular choice for Mac users and is well worth its price tag. Customer support is on-hand 24-hours a day, seven days a week and their servers are known for being lightning fast, which is always appealing. Buffered is another popular choice for Mac fans and its intuitive design and modern features ensure this VPN provider stands out against a lot of competition. Among the other highly competitive VPN providers for Macs are the aptly named IPVanish, NordVPN and SaferVPN. A full list of the best VPN services for Mac can be found at BestVPN.com.

Investing in a good, strong VPN is vital, as we all strive to stay one move ahead of any online threats while still being able to access our favourite shows on Netflix from anywhere in the world.