There are loads of project management blogs out there so I’ve listed my ten personal favourites and what I like about them here. The list below focuses on Project Management bloggers who offer something unique and engaging – enjoy!

  1. Earth PM

This blog is a recent discovery of mine and its quite distinctive, claming to be devoted to “the intersection of Green and Project Management”. These two areas are surprisingly compatible, with over-lapping themes of saving money by using less resources and getting things done efficiently and effectively. This blog is a great place to head if you get bored of the same old – and somewhat trite – project management subjects and fancy something more stimulating.

  1. Voices on Project Management

I like this blog as it has a variety of writers who all bring a personal perspective, with their own anecdotes and stories. The personal angle makes this blog more engaging than others and there’s plenty of content with two updates most weeks. It is also different to many as its from PMI – a non-profit project manager’s association; therefore you’re not generally being sold something when you read a post.

  1. Herding Cats

This blog by Glen B. Alleman is updated at least every few days with posts based on the writer’s personal experience and knowledge. It is different to many blogs that just list “Top Tips” or lists, instead offering useful stories if you’re a practising project manager. Subjects are less about project management in general and more about specific areas that a project manager may well encounter such as lawsuits and Powerpoint!

  1. A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

This popular blog may be written by a girl, namely Elizabeth Harrin, but it’s by no means for only female readers. There are regular posts between daily and weekly, on numerous subjects such as how to close a project using specifically PRINCE2 methodology, to how to use Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management together. The blogs are intelligent and show lots of real-life experience, so you should find plenty to interest.

  1. Stepping into Project Management – newbie’s diary

This blog is perfect for project management newbies; it was started by someone (known only as Soma) breaking into project management, and it tracks their mistakes, lessons and development. Posts go up every one to seven days and cover useful subjects such as fighting negativity, communicating with your team effectively and monitoring self-improvement.


The posts on this blog are irregular and a couple are just promoting the upcoming “PPSOSIG: London” project management event. However, it is run by influential Lindsay Scott of Arras People and the “How to Manage a Camel” blog below. It is a good place to go for PMO specific posts, news engagement and for information about up-coming UK events.

  1. How to Manage a Camel – Project Management and Recruitment

Great name aside, this project management blog by Arras People is excellent for information specific to project management recruitment. You’ll find regular posts covering general PM subjects as well as really helpful posts on redundancy or job interviews for example.

  1. The Project Management Hut

If you have a big appetite for Project Management reading then this is the place for you with several new posts going up every day. It can act as a one stop shop for all project management related topics, with tips, opinions and “how tos” on most things I can think of, e.g. creating a WBS with Microsoft Project, promoting agility in your organisation and a checklist for handing over a project.

  1. Project Management 2.0

This is a great blog with approximately weekly updates by project manager Andrew Filev. As the name suggests, Andrew focuses on changes in contemporary project management thanks to collaborative and real-time digital technologies. For anyone interested in how to use the Social Internet or wanting to read up on the way project management is adapting, this is the place to head.

  1. Alec Satin on People, Projects and Process

This is another blog for those interested in all things New Media, as its writer Alec Satin is a member of the PMI New Media Council. He covers a broad range of subjects including general project management tips and anecdotes, project managers on Twitter and engagement on current news topics. The blog is great for some light-hearted project management reading, with plenty of photos and short and snappy posts.