Data ProtectionEdward Snowden Passwords: Top Tips on Password Security

Edward Snowden Passwords: Top Tips on Password Security

Recommended Edward Snowden passwords may be the missing piece if you’re looking for ways to beef up security. Securing an online account is vital in the twenty-first century, and choosing the correct password is critical. But who is Edward Snowden, anyway, and what are some of his best tips for making passwords secure?

Edward Snowden is the NSA worker who released top-secret files on the USA’s government monitoring activities. In an interview with John Oliver, he told Americans and others how to create a “strong” password. Snowden advised people to use “passphrases” instead, thereby developing longer, tweaked passwords. He also disapproved of using one password multiple times.

Keep reading this exciting article for more information on Edward Snowden passwords and how to apply them to your cyber security. 

Who is Edward Snowden?

Edward Snowden is a former employee of the National Security Agency, known for leaking top-secret files in 2013. These highly classified files encompassed domestic monitoring activities of the United States government. 

In May of 2013, Snowden emigrated to Russia after disclosing this information to the media, specifically the South China Morning Post. He then sought asylum in Russia for the dangers surrounding his actions, where he now has permanent residency.

As a top computer intelligence consultant, Edward advised securing your accounts with properly secured passwords. In an interview with John Oliver, he gave ways of creating a solid password that even systems cannot break.

Edward Snowden Passwords: Top Tips on Password Security 

Going into password security tips, Snowden told John on his show Last Week Tonight that his “five-character password” is terrible. Oliver had suggested a password like “limpbiscuits4eva.” Snowden, however, made corrections and suggested, “margaretthatcheris110%SEXY.”

From this interview, you can draw out the following tips on password security:

Use Passphrases

Edward told John to temporarily let go of the idea of passwords and focus more on passphrases. He suggested you use long, tweaked phrases that are easy to remember. While a computer may never recall it, you’ll never forget it.

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Consider Using 12 or More Characters

Snowden advised that while many people paid heed to the eight-character long password, they may get it wrong. He mentioned it takes less than a second for computer systems to pull out such types of passwords. Hence, it’s advisable to use much longer passwords.

Use Uppercase, Lowercase, and Symbols

You must usually use a combination of tweaked letters when creating an online account. This means you shouldn’t come up with a phrase and use it just as it appears but should bend some aspects. This is clear in the Edward Snowden passwords like “margaretthatcheris110%SEXY.”

Avoid Duplicating Passwords

In his interview, Snowden doesn’t emphasize this point much. Many hackers won’t go after your account specifically. They’d instead go for systems that allow them access to hundreds, if not thousands, of user credentials. 

Afterward, they’ll attempt to use those credentials on other well-known websites. This is why it’s crucial to have a unique password for every online service you use.


Edward Snowden’s advice goes to anyone who has an online account. Hence, Edward Snowden passwords should remain a tip to be taken seriously for online security.

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