This weekend it was supermarket giant Asda to fall foul of human error, flagging up a warning to us all to check and check again before putting anyting live on the internet.

Asda has spent the opening part of this week back-peddling and apologising after a ‘typing error’ let to it offering ‘mistakenly’ a £75 discount to shoppers using its website. The Asda website was advertising the offer to ‘first-time buyers’ on Saturday night but within hours it was taken down, but not before many customers had already placed orders, and word had got round on internet messageboards.

Claiming error Asda then telephone shoppers or asked delivery drivers to advise of the mistake and the fact that the full cost of the shop was actually being charged or they could cancel their orders.

Asda hasn’t released the exact numbers of those affected by what it was calling a “keying error”, but has suggested those misled would egt a future free delivery and discount voucher for their troubles.

The retailer has launched an internal enquiry and confirmed there was no hacking or security breaches so it does appear to be a lesson to us all, that when typing, mistakes are easily made but theur repurcussions not so easily mended. So remember, whatever your website is advertising or offering, make sure it is accurate and correct. A few seconds before it goes live could save hours and days of trouble in the long run.