With Apple’s iPad recently announced, I have been considering the potential impact it may have on a business’s marketing activity.

Apple’s iPad is less about introducing groundbreaking hardware than it is about providing a better way to consume media and services online. Given Apple’s track record, it is conceivable that the iPad may significantly increase the demand for apps and other forms of online content. If they achieve this, there will be huge potential for marketers to tap into that market by providing value-added services.

Developing the quality of online user experiences is not a new concept to brands, but it does stress the growing importance of reaching consumers through useful and meaningful content. It’s now up to marketers to find ways to enhance their audience’s browsing habits and the way relevant content is delivered to them. Ultimately, whether the iPad is a hit or not, the key to success will lie in a marketer’s ability to find new ways to create a brand presence and understand how their audience consumes media online.