The workplace can be extremely stressful for everyone. All employees are trying to get their job done on time in the best and most efficient way whilst also trying to ensure that it’s done correctly. But this isn’t always easy and can often cause most to feel stressed.

So when software and technology become available to use that will make the job easier its welcome news for many, especially for HR. They often have a million things to do and not enough hours in the day, their work requires them to check things like the salary scales and pay benchmarking, which whilst is a necessary job can often be time-consuming.

Often they are required to input all data surrounding the various parts of the business and its employees and whilst this may sound easy it means that they are essentially putting numbers into a computer one by one, which as you can imagine is a rather slow process. But with regular improvements to technology and software updates, their job is made somewhat a little easier. This means that ultimately they can get the job done and hopefully still have time left to complete other tasks.

Pros Of Using Tech In HR

However, not everyone is aware of the benefits that technology can bring the HR department and whilst the way that many are currently working may be ideal for them there is always room for change. So here are the benefits of adding technology to your HR department.

  • It can save time and money in the long run as there are fewer hours needed to complete a task meaning that staff can get on with other tasks that they have.
  • It can improve the results of work as a computer is smarter than a human and will not make any mistakes unless information and data is input incorrectly.
  • Gives staff more time to resolve issues that may be found by the relevant software.
  • Offers staff the opportunity to further their knowledge in certain areas of their job, whilst they may feel they know everything there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to software.
  • There should always be a backup meaning that less paper will be needed to be used and all information stored will be safe and secure.

It seems pretty clear that software and technology is the way that all HR departments should go. Especially with all the benefits that it has to offer. But not all see this as a good thing.

Cons Of Introducing Tech To HR

There are some that criticise the world of technology and see it more as a hindrance rather than a helper. Whilst this is something that we disagree with there’s no harm in sharing the reasons that some have such a disdain for technology.

  • Many say that learning to use new technology can be very time consuming and whilst it can later benefit the department it can slow down work until it is picked up by all.
  • It can be costly, but again as already mentioned this is something that can save money later down the road.
  • Some people are not a fan of change and do not like the idea of changing the way that they do things at work, but it should be noted that whilst change can be daunting it’s often good and can open up various doors.

There may be other reasons that technology can be viewed in a negative way but these are the only ones that can be heard regularly. Although it does seem that each is more of a personal opinion from people rather than a view on the way that it can affect the work.

It’s blatant that using tech at work has its advantages and disadvantages but those that do use it must also know how important it is to keep up with the technology and software in use. There are often people that learn to use one piece of software to assist with their work and feel that this will be the only change, they forget that there are often updates that follow.

For example, a software that assists those looking to complete an audit on equal pay may change every few years meaning that users will need somewhat of a refresh to use the updated version. This isn’t a negative thing; however, it will allow HR departments to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and in theory, will give them better tools to use when completing their jobs.

So even if you’re against using technology in your HR department you have to admit that it does have its benefits and whilst may have its downfalls is ultimately a great decision to make. If you’re all for the new and want to help your HR department to work more efficiently then bring technology into your office.