I’ve been in public relations now for almost 20 years. I’ve worked in-house, run agencies and have had success as a freelancer too. I have never met people like the ones featured in the upcoming reality series The Spin Crowd.

This show scares me. It will kill the reputation of a profession that already struggles to be taken seriously as an important business discipline. Past TV shows like Absolutely Fabulous, Spin City and Absolute Power have all poked fun at PR, but as they are all dramatisations, it’s easy enough for audiences to laugh along with us. But, The Spin Crowd is a ‘reality’ programme so will be taken at face value. They will be laughing at us. Or, even more worrisome, they’ll be laughing at what they think we really are.

Take it from me, the people featured in The Spin Crowd are not like any of the hard-working communications professionals I’ve had the priveldge of working with the years.