Brand analytics firm, Heardable, has just released its ranked list of the most popular brands on Facebook based on the total number of page “Likes”.

Zynga‘s Texas Hold Em was named The Most Popular Brand on Facebook. Zynga is a software company that connects the world through gaming applications such as Farmville, Treasure Isle, and Cafe World. Texas Hold Em is the #1 online poker game in the world. See the Facebook page here.

Corporate brands comprised only 24% of the top 100 list. A whopping 76% of the most popular brands on Facebook are musical artists, sports stars, and television/film personalities or properties.

A few corporate brands that made it into the top 100 list include:

  • Disney ranked #27 with 16,514,605 likes
  • Victoria’s Secret ranked #48 with 11,277,756 likes
  • McDonalds ranked #89 with 7,023,465 likes

Heardable’s list of the 100 most popular brands on Facebook is part of its new H-labs scoring technology which takes Facebook’s API feed and maps the results against a database of 1.2 million brands in the Heardable platform to rank order the most Liked brands in the world. The list is updated in real-time whenever a brand is re-scanned on, or when the company’s bots crawl its database each day.

The 20 most popular brands on Facebook:

  1. Zynga/Texas Hold’em Poker – 34,881,303
    2. Facebook – 32,990,850
    3. Michael Jackson – 27,854,985
    4. Lady Gaga – 27,247,541
    5. Eminem – 26,737,337
    6. YouTube – 26,414,309
    7. Rihanna – 22,175,594
    8. Coca-Cola – 22,121,765
    9. Linkin Park – 21,883,019
    10. South Park – 21,334,899
    11. Megan Fox – 20,563,023
    12. Vin Diesel – 20,339,675
    13. Justin Beiber – 19,773,382
    14. Shakira – 19,767,996
    15. The Simpsons – 19,427,129
    16. Starbucks – 19,391,045
    17. Twilight – 19,134,438
    18. Lil Wayne – 19,105,569
    19. Cristiano Ronaldo – 18,915,131
    20. Bob Marley – 18,903,061

My take? Well this list isn’t dissimilar to some top Tweeter lists I’ve seen. Brands have been piling onto Facebook in droves over the past 12 months and this trends seems set to continue. Being ‘Liked’ is just one metric to measure success and while it indicates popularity, it doesn’t necessary mean the site delivers tangible benefits such as capturing customer feedback, expanding awareness, driving website traffic or increasing sales. The number of ‘Likes’ is very much a ‘finger in the air’ type measurement. It’ll tell you if you are gaining momentum, but not if you’re achieving objectives.