It’s no surprise that businesses from every industry are utilizing the power of Enterprise Resource Planning software to the fullest extent, but with so many different types of software on the market it’s hard to narrow it down to a select few that are reliable and affordable. ERP software takes care of several tasks and minor operations that can end up saving a company time, money, and add to productivity and efficiency.

Understanding ERP software is the easy part, but choosing the right one for a particular business can seem like a daunting, not-so-simple task. Here are the top five ERP software systems of 2012 that will fit any type of business or venture and make choosing the right system a cinch.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows business owners and managers to have a clear-cut view of their business operations from every possible angle. With an innovative business analyzing tool, users can create tasks, delegate tasks, and make things run smoothly with automated controls and custom settings for each part of the process. The Microsoft Dynamics GP software was developed for both small to mid-sized businesses and enterprise organizations and helps those in the areas of distribution, manufacturing, retail, and in the public sector achieve faster results by using customizable functions.

Sage ERP

Sage ERP eliminates clutter and lets managers take full control of their business through simple management solutions. The great thing about Sage ERP is the automatic flexibility and that extra installations and outside customizations are never needed. Even when new business problems arise they can be adapted into the Sage ERP system with ease, reducing costs and allowing a business to focus on more important tasks. Modules and platforms can easily be changed to focus on a businesses goals while users can give out accurate information to multiple departments with a single entry into the system. Sage ERP also uses collaboration by allowing permitted users to gain access to the system through a network, website, or mobile device.


Epicor offers a giant portfolio of services that aims to help businesses become more flexible and adapt to the ever-changing challenges that businesses often face. With the Epicor software system, users can implement and integrate actions and tasks that allow employees and subordinates to focus on more important aspects of the business. This all-in-one package aims to lower the total cost of ownership while increasing the chances for a quick ROI, which can be extremely healthy to any business.

Oracle JD Edwards

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software on Oracle is the first ERP system that can be used on the iPad. The Oracle software makes keeping track of finances easy with its financial management solution that supports and keeps track of multiple accounting tasks that maintain financial stability within a business of any size. This system is unique from most in that the asset life cycle management feature allows managers to make informed asset and investment decisions while giving a thorough analysis of the asset’s performance, revenue generated, and keeps an asset’s visibility and extended life cycle intact.


NetSuite is all about maintaining efficiency by giving users the visibility they need to make fast and effective decisions. With the order and billing management feature, users never have to worry about encountering errors or problems, making the transition from sales quote to successful order easier than ever. Also, human resource is streamlined through an automated system that cuts back on costs and makes employees, teams and managers more productive.