Back in March I reported that Microsoft was beginning to make in-roads against Google with Bing in the search engine market. Latest figures this week from US marketing firm ComScore suggest that Bing has already secured 12.7% of the search market in it’s first 12 moths.

Google and Yahoo continue to dominate with 62.6% and 18.9% shares respectively but Bing’s appearance just behind will be a pleasing sign to Microsoft bosses.

Much of Bing’s success has been credited to a more customer friendly approach served by its ‘type less, do more’ strap line. The success of the Bing iPhone widget (4.3 million by US users in the past six months alone) has also helped push the ease of use qualities.

It may be a while before Google’s dominance is truly challenged, but the first year progress suggests the search market is set to become more competitive than it has been for many years.

Have you switched over to Bing? Do you use different search engines for different types searches.