Businesses are being advised through Google’s own advertising across the web to ‘Claim your business listing on Google’, through their local internet marketing service, Google Places. You would think that they would set an example with their own Google Place, but have they?

Google Inc. based in Mountain View, CA like many other businesses already has a listing in Google Places, you’d expect Google’s VP of location and local services, Marissa Mayer, would have ensured that they are setting the best example of how businesses should represent themselves using this powerful marketing tool.

The Worst Google Place In The World?

You may be surprised to learn that not only is this not the case but they possibly have the worst Google Place that our experts at e-mphasis have seen to date. In priority order here’s my list of issues for Google’s location team to deal with:

  • Claim your listing!

Unbelievably Google Inc. have not even claimed their own listing, click on the image on the right if you want to see (Can you imagine the press coverage if someone else claimed it!)

  • Incorrect Categories

Strangely Google make no mention of most of their services and are only listed as ‘Internet Service Provider’ and even more bizarre – ‘field’

  • Business Details

Missing from the suggested details are; Phone number (no surprise perhaps!), opening hours, payment types accepted and services offered

  • Response to Reviews

With at least 2 significantly unhappy consumers having made comment on Google’s services it may be wise for someone in Google’s customer services to at least respond for others to see that they care

  • Branding and Media

No pictures and no YouTube video to present branding and get their message across to potential customers represents a big missed opportunity

By my estimate the listing would have less than 50% completeness and would only appear for a very limited range of searches in their area. Perhaps this is a case of ‘Cobblers Shoes’ but Google need to set a better example for the service they say every business should be on.

My Offer to Marissa Mayer

I would like to formally offer Marissa help to get their Google Place claimed and optimised. Do you think they would answer the phone for the validation call?