A young man was picnicking on a small island on a lake outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His girlfriend wanted an ice-cream on that hot day. Being the gentleman, and a man in love, he quickly got into his row boat and went to shore to get some ice-cream.

But to his horror, the ice-cream had melted by the time he got back to his girlfriend. As a result of this, he invented something that is still in use today and that has not changed much over the years. The question for you is. What did he invent?

Think Laterally, Outside the box

To answer the question you have to think differently. You have to think laterally. No Googleing mind you. We have to do the same thing with our blogs. It is so difficult nowadays to come up with awe inspiring, quality, attention grabbing content.

It is the case of same old same old. It seems that almost every topic about your and my niche has been written and posted to blogs around the internet over and over again. So we have to be different we have to think outside the box. Come up with something that is completely different. A completely different angle. Now that’s the challenge.

Challenge your assumptions

Assumptions are mental blocks. We assume that a situation or given idea is the same as other situations or ideas we’ve encountered before, and that what worked then will work now. Get rid of your pre-conceived ideas. Once you drop preconceived notions you’re more likely to find better solutions. Write down and list all your assumptions. Then next to them write down a counter or challenged assumption.

Introduce random thoughts

Introducing a random thought or idea to your blog that has nothing to do or no connection with your blog often sparks creative ideas. It provides you with ammunition to look at the problem from a different angle. Try using a word from a random word generator—or open the dictionary to a random page and select a word.

Then extract and understand its underlying principles. Can you formulate a blog post about that? Can that be applied to your blog? Use pictures and objects. Write down random words that might describe the picture or object. Look for a word that you can use as a basis to write your next blog post.


We have to come up with something different. Something that will challenge our readers. Regurgitating the same stuff over and over again just bores people to death. No wonder our traffic is dying. To the question above, what was the invention? Have you got it yet? Did you think outside the box? Can you get it without using Google.

Well, I’m not going to tell you now. Come back tomorrow and you will have the answer. In the mean time jot down your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.