It’s an issue that we should all be taking seriously. Yet home security is often sadly overlooked by a high proportion of homeowners and tenants. If you are one of the many who have previously neglected your home’s security, there are a number of steps which can be taken to quickly remedy this situation. With the wide range of security systems now available, thankfully it’s never been easier to make your home safe from threats such as burglary. And if you are still in need of convincing, read on to discover our three reasons why you should invest in a home security system without delay.

Prevention is best for peace of mind

Recent figures from UK police forces show that around 60% of burglary attempts are successful, with thieves then making off with an average haul worth £3,000. For some regional forces, the solve rate is as low as one in 20 burglaries, making this a profitable and attractive activity for the criminally minded. It’s certainly not a situation that any of us want to face, so it’s imperative that you take action to make your home less appealing to these criminals. One such step is the installation of a home security system.

Even more worryingly, a recent study put British burglars at the top of the list for the number of break-ins carried out in European countries, with a skill set that means that traditional defences such as burglar alarms are no longer sufficient. A modern home security system is the best choice in the face of this threat, and there are many forms that these systems can take. A system can include special doors, smart locks and lighting, motion detectors and cameras, as well as alarms. The whole system will usually be operated via a control panel. Many of these security features can be monitored remotely on your laptop or smartphone, giving you reassurance when you’re away from home that all is well.

Home security systems are more affordable than ever

The growth of the smart technology consumer market means that whereas a home security system may once have been prohibitively expensive for all but the super rich, it’s now an affordable option for most of us. The democratisation of smart technology also means that products are now easy to install, set up and use. By cutting out the expensive private security firms, homeowners can easily achieve a comprehensive security system with little difficulty or expense. The best products for those looking to secure their home on a budget include the Yale Smart System, and the Honeywell Smart Home Security System Starter Kit, both of which come in under £500.

A range of other benefits

As well as offering you and your family the valuable peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is protected, modern home security systems can offer a range of other benefits. For those with pets, or indeed teenagers, the cameras can be used to check on them while you are out and about. Deliveries need not be missed with the use of smart doorbells that let you speak to callers wherever you may be. Smart locks which can be operated with your smartphone can mean that you never again need to worry about forgetting your keys, or losing them. Installing a home security system can even help to reduce your insurance premiums.

It’s vital to consider your home’s security, and with the range of affordable home security systems and other products now available there really is no excuse not to take action. The smart systems are easy to use and install, meaning that you can soon be enjoying the reassurance of knowing that your home and its contents are protected.