Between excessive emails, back-to-back meetings, and constant interruptions, it’s no wonder people struggle to get any work done these days! And they’re not alone, either. Most people struggle to keep up with the incessant flow of work that seems to pile up on a daily or even hourly basis, leaving many teams in a constant state of distress as project deadlines close in. The old adage, ‘Work smarter, not harder,’ doesn’t seem to apply anymore as you work after-hours, through lunch, or even on the weekends just to keep your head above water. 

From Atlassian, the makers of Confluence, a team collaboration tool for product teams, comes an infographic that highlights just how much time is actually spent unproductively at work. Curious to know which are the three biggest productivity-robbing culprits in the workplace? (Hint: your inbox, busy schedule, and overly chatty co-workers may have something to do with your lack of focus).