Too much work and not enough play apparently makes Jack a dull boy, but it can also limit your potential.

That’s the gist of this blog by Mark McGuinness of Lateral Action that we found at 99% and I’ve got to agree.

Not so much play, but certainly less money-focused projects. The concept comes from the fact that in the modern world more and more people find themselves working harder just to make ends meet and pay the bills. For creatives or entrepreneurs that leaves less time to develop those off-the-wall ideas that might just help them make the breakthrough and their fortune.

There are some good tips as to how you can create a better balance with your bill-paying and dream-chasing in the blog, which we won’t spoil but as Mark says “think of the Google engineers who spend 20% of their time on personal projects”. They are some of the most successful in their innovation in their day job and that work balance must play a part.

However, do remember if you are employed by somebody else on a day-to-day basis just check your contract terms there as to what you are allowed to do on an extra-curricular basis as losing that day job would make life even harder.