When running a small business, there are a number of considerations to take into account when looking for a choice of phone system, ranging from choosing the right telephone number and cost considerations to future proofing your phone system and understanding the services required. But amongst these considerations are many benefits, such as cost savings, easy set up, and the ability to choose your number, stay productive whilst on the move and maintain a professional appearance.

1. Cost Savings

When using a Virtual Phone System, call charges are generally much cheaper than traditional based carriers on local, mobile and international calls. Additionally, whenever you have an internet connection, you have access to the rates you have agreed to so there are no expensive roaming charges overseas, and there is no need for expensive line rentals as your number is hosted in the cloud.

2. Productivity On The Move

A Virtual Phone System can work anywhere, not just at your desk. Calls can be instantly routed to your mobile phone or Smartphone app, wherever you have a mobile phone or internet signal. As voicemails and faxes can be forwarded to your email accounts as MP3 and PDF attachments, it means that work can continue even when you are not in the office.

3. Professional Appearance

Virtual phone numbers move with you, regardless of how often you move, and landline numbers (which can be delivered to mobile) rather than a mobile number can give the impression the company is more stable and larger than it actually is, which is ideal for entrepreneurs working out of non-traditional office spaces or moving offices.

4. Feature Rich

You can easily set up your system and make changes to features such as adding or reducing numbers, customisable voicemail, call forwarding and call logs. All these are directly accessible on your account via the internet.

5. Smartphone Applications

Virtual phone numbers allow you to make and receive calls from your Smartphone using an App. Calls will show up as your Virtual Office phone number and not your mobile number, which again can enable a professional appearance to be maintained.

6. Fast To Set Up

Some phones require a lot of lead time to set up, however a cloud system is much closer to “plug and play”; in fact, virtual phone numbers can be set up and working in under five minutes from many web based companies.

7. Choose Your Number

A Virtual Phone System enables you to be based physically anywhere in the world, and select a number based on where you would like to be perceived to be located. For example, with a Virtual Phone System you could have a much desired London telephone number whilst based somewhere completely different.

8. Keep Your Number

Often relocation often creates a problem for business when they discover that they can’t bring their phone number with them. Choosing a virtualised or hosted solution gives you flexibility for the future and allows you to keep your number no matter where or when you relocate.

9. Bring Your Staff Together

Free person-to-person calls means that despite separate working locations, you can still appear as one organisation with a common phone number that routes to each person. Gone are the days where you all need to be together to work from a phone system.

10. Choice Of Delivery To Never Miss A Call

With a Virtual Phone System, you can choose to have your calls delivered to your desk phone, mobile phone, PC or other tablet device as and when required. You can set it up to hunt for you on the other lines and devices if you do not pick up on the first, and even have them all ringing at the same time if you want to be sure not to miss that important sales call.