If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably always on the lookout for resources to help you run your business more easily. Whether you’re a Windows fan or a Mac lover, the following 10 tips and tricks from the Office team will help you get more done whether you’re in the office or on the go.

  1.  Make your blog pop.

Embed a PowerPoint slide show or an Excel calendar into a blog post with just a few easy steps. Share your wares, whether they’re delicate earrings or custom bikes, via an embedded PowerPoint slide show in your blog.

  1.  Manage multiple email accounts from Outlook.

In a recent survey by MarketTools, 67% of those polled said they are afraid of overlooking messages as they manage several inboxes. Microsoft Outlook lets you use multiple email accounts and address books and easily manage all your different folders from a single, centralized view.

  1.  Stay on top of your Inbox with Outlook 2010.

Save time by using features like Conversation View, Clean-Up Conversation, and Ignore in Outlook 2010. You’ll spend less time combing through email and more time doing the things that matter.

  1.  Bring the power of social media to your Inbox with theOutlook Social Connector.

The Outlook Social Connector allows you to view your contacts’ Facebook and LinkedIn feeds without ever leaving Outlook. This is a great way to know the latest from your customers and colleagues right from your Inbox.

  1.  Broadcast your presentation to remote participants with PowerPoint 2010.

With the Broadcast Slide Show feature in PowerPoint 2010, you can quickly share your presentation with anyone, anywhere, all directly from PowerPoint 2010. You can just send a link, and in one click everyone you invite will be watching a synchronized view of your slide show in their browser. They don’t need to have Office to tune in.

  1.  Leverage multimedia with just a few clicks.

Make quick edits to photos in Word, PowerPoint and Excel in Office. Also edit audio and trim videos from within PowerPoint.

  1.  Use OneNote 2010 to capture and organize all your ideas in one place.

With Microsoft OneNote 2010, you can take notes, insert audio clips, videos, screen clippings, conversations and emails into your own digital notebook. You can also share your notebook with others, and you can view your notes on your desktop, on the web or from your phone.

  1.  Save time by making Office.com templates and Publisher your BFF.

Balancing your business (and your family, and volunteering and chores, and…) can be exhausting. Don’t want to create that budget from scratch, or that presentation with a blank slate? Need professional-looking business cards? The Office templates for small businesses have you covered. Consider Publisher for creating your own marketing materials and newsletters as well.

  1.  Become a budget maven in less than five minutes with Excel templates.

There are some great Excel templates and videos available to show you how to turn your monthly budget spreadsheet into a work of art, all in under five minutes! When you’re on the go, try Excel Mobile 2010 on your Windows Phone 7.

  1.  Keep your documents at your fingertips with Office Web Apps.

We know that your “office” can be a coffee shop or the bench at your kid’s soccer practice. The free Office Web Apps give you the ability to access, edit and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents with colleagues and business partners from almost anywhere via a web browser.