Communications sector consultants Juniper Research today released their latest report highlighting their predictions for the coming year in the mobile and wireless industry.

The report reflects on last year’s proven predictions of surging mobile data traffic, driven by the consumer smartphone boom and the fact that with 3G networks under strain a number of network operators have introduced tiered data pricing. This surge in mobile use and the move to tiered pricing is expected to continue as a pace into 2011 with the infrastructure likely to be at full strain.

The report’s top ten predictions are:

  • Surging Mobile Data Traffic
  • Augmented Reality to Enhance Mobile Games and Retail
  • Cloud-Based Operating Systems are Launched
  • Mobile Banking will become a “must-have” not a “nice-to-have” when opening a new account
  • Mobile Devices Begin to Replace Credit Cards
  • Mobile Handsets Become Even More Sensitive
  • Mobile Lottery Tickets Sales to Soar Fuelled by Deployments in US, Europe, and China
  • Mobile-Specific Threats Lead to Demand for Mobile-Specific Security
  • Acquisition Launches Social Purchasing
  • Environmental Handsets For All

Having read the report and the justifications, there is not a lot we disagree with. However, a concern is whether a 3G infrastructure – already under strain – can cope with even more rapid development. If it does cope, that is likely to be as a result of increased data access charges, so the days of bundled ‘unlimited mobile internet’ look long gone.

WiFi access could well become more important, and could mean employers having to potentially launch secondary WiFi networks for employees to satisfy demand and also keep secure their main business networks.

Do you agree with the predictions? What other trends do you foresee for 2010?