In my conversations with customers, I’ve found out the most common reasons they’ve identified that they need to implement a backup or storage analysis and migration strategy. You may identify with some or all of these – let me know what you think:

  1. You’re running more than one legacy backup system.
  2. You’ve got a mix of vendor software & hardware backup & retrieval solutions.
  3. You’ve no idea what percentage utilisation you are running at for your backup/storage data.
  4. Your data centre is consuming huge amounts of energy, managing many disparate systems.
  5. You’d like to know how much storage wastage you really have.
  6. You’d like to consolidate to one backup or storage platform, but are worried how all the different data can be identified.
  7. You feel that you’re fire-fighting – constantly battling with the need to purchase more in storage or backup.
  8. You want to understand where you are without impact to your corporate technology assets and resources.
  9. You’d like to carry out complex “what-if” analyses quickly.
  10. You’d like to see target configuration benefits based on the latest available technology, over a 3-year period.
  11. You want to simplify management, administration and coordination to reduce overheads
  12. You want a vendor independent perspective of what are the best transformation options for your environment.