As a key component of online marketing campaigns, blogs are efficient tools for social network engagement, search engine optimization, customer service, and online PR. Whether you have run a local pesticide company or an all in one laser printer dealership business, a blog is a great way to brand your business and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your business blog.

  1.  Come up with compelling content

Nobody wants to read boring, uninteresting, and irrelevant content. Compelling content doesn’t mean that you need to create Pulitzer-worthy blog, but it should be something worth reading for your company’s target audience. Be clear about who you are writing for and the issues that they are interested in. Write something that inspires, informs, and educates your customers. Industry success stories, reviews, and helpful tips keep your blog engaging and interesting to readers.

  1.  Establish yourself as an industry expert

Use your business blog to position yourself as an expert professional in the industry. Write about the latest news and updates about your company. Consolidate interesting and important industry trends and events so that others will view you as an expert in the field. Give valuable industry advices and recommendations to readers. Reply to comments and engage with readers who follow your blog.

  1.  Make content sharing easy for others

While the networking capabilities offered by Google+, Facebook, and Twitter are fairly superficial, they still attract attention and validate to readers that a blog is worth checking out. Make blog sharing easy by installing sharing options and creating social media-optimized titles. Shared links are important signals for search engines. Focus on drafting viral content and make sure you share it with everyone in your social networks. Do not underestimate the power of your online networks; they may just be the individuals who can potentially become your voice.

  1.  Help solve your reader’s problems

Too many businesses focus on promoting their products or services on their blog instead of helping their readers solve some of their industry problems. Think of popular concerns or questions or better yet, ask your audience. Address their concerns through your blog. For instance, if you have an all in one laser printer dealership business, you can discuss common printer issues and steps or provide troubleshooting tips for them.

  1.  Add a personal touch to your blog

Having your CEO or some of your employees post updates on your company blog helps revolutionize how your business engages with associates and customers. Bill Marriot, CEO and chairman for Marriott International, is known as one of the most popular corporate bloggers today. His very own weekly posts have gained the loyalty of many fans. And since the debut of their CEO blog, the company has expanded its social media influence by adding more blogs, feeds, and an online community dedicated for members.