Want to visit the “city of the future”? Well, you won’t have to look any further than these 5 major world cities where a commitment to research and development and a population’s love for things digital have made them shoot to the top of the list when it comes to all things technology-related.

  1.  Tokyo, Japan

Every facet of this city has embraced technology – from its high-speed public transport system to digital toilets! The people have as well. You’ll find that everyone is using sophisticated cell phones, techie gadgets, and taking advantage of broadband speeds several times faster than most of the rest of the world. Additionally, many of the major tech companies have a presence in Tokyo, such as Sony, Nikon, and Panasonic, and the population has also embraced a digital way of life.

  1.  Singapore

This city-state offers free high-speed wireless broadband to its population, and if you’re out shopping in Singapore, there’s no reason to carry your wallet. Mobile money is legal tender, so you can pay with your cell phone, computer, or even your wristwatch. When it comes time to pay a road toll, you’ll be charged a different price depending on the time you use the road using radio frequency identification tags which are required on each car. Many major industry leaders have a presence here, including HP, Fuji, IBM, and Microsoft.

  1.  Hong Kong, China

Patrons placing orders with robot waiters and school children scanning their fingerprints for attendance every morning may seem like scenes out of a futuristic movie, but that’s just part of normal life in Hong Kong. Here, the gadget-loving population benefits from the fastest residential broadband in the world and widespread cell phone coverage. And if you head to an area called Cyberport, you’ll find that all apartments and shops receive free Wi-Fi, which has led to a lot of creative and special effects companies taking up shop in the area.

  1.  Seoul, South Korea

The heart of the country’s mobile phone industry, major industry leaders such as Samsung and LG Group are based in this high-tech city. As a result, the phones here are several times faster than most of the rest of the world. You’ll also find an avid gaming population in Seoul – a little under half of the country’s population regularly go to internet cafes to play games online – and it is considered one of the most connected cities in the world with wireless access available on public transport, even while on the subway underground!

  1.  Silicon Valley, California, USA

Many consider the Silicon Valley / San Jose area to be the capital of the tech movement. You’ll find that it’s the heart of Web 2.0 development with over 225,300 technical jobs and the headquarters of many major tech company located there, such as Google and Apple. It also has the highest concentration of high-tech employees in the United States, so everywhere you turn there’s someone who can help you troubleshoot your computer issues.